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The enthusiastic ‘thank you’ card with visual

I have a ritual that I use that really hones my focus into ONE place and helps me put energy into the ONE element I want to manifest so that it quickly becomes a reality in my life.

I have been using Send Out Cards (www.ClientAttractionCards.com) recently to connect with my clients, prospects, and referral sources on a deeper, more meaningful level. It’s been very successful for me, and really ties into my Authentic Marketing approach.

But I recently got an idea for another use for these cards, one that would give more oomph to my intentions.

If we understand that one of the major reasons why certain folks don’t attract what they want in their lives is a lack of consistent FOCUS, then my own intention is to have a laser-like focus on what I DO want, so that it incorporates the thought, the feeling AND a visual to keep me centered on just that one element.

So, I’ve created a series of cards, which I use to attract what I want.

Here’s the process I use.

The Visual

This card system allows you to personalize the inside of a card, not only with text, but with a picture from your own computer files. So here’s what I did. I went into Microsoft Word, opened up a blank document, clicked on INSERT, CLIP ART, and went browsing for images.

For me, images are just as important as words for summoning what I want in my life. Both words and images need to FEEL right for me.

So I went looking for what would represent a series of new clients. I looked for a group of business people that looked friendly and open to me. And I also looked at clip art and stock photos that represented the additional income I wanted to make.

When you do this yourself, one tip I want to share is that the only “clip art” that worked for me using this method was the actual photography, not the “clip art” drawings themselves. So, I would specify “photography” or just look for stock photos in Microsoft Word.

You can also try www.istockphoto.com which is something else I recommend to clients when creating materials. You can get amazing quality photos for as little as $1 each and you can use them as often as you like (for this or your marketing materials.)

That said, once you find the photo that represents the object, intention, or feeling of what you’re ready to attract, you can move on to selecting the text.

The Text

To me, HOW you write something is as important as WHAT you write. I feel very strongly about using your authentic ‘voice’ when you write, especially your marketing materials, so that it reflects who you truly are as a person.

And it’s the same for this exercise. If you write your intention and goal in your own authentic voice, it’ll resonate so much more with you (and the Universe) when it comes time to attracting it into your business.

I happen to have a pretty enthusiastic voice when I’m celebrating a win with my husband, encouraging my children on a job well done, or celebrating a big win with one of my private clients.

Notice all the different elements.

1. The Visual – I used piles of money, but I could just as well have used a stock photo of a smiling ideal client, happy to work with me.

2. A short “mantra” to summarize what I intend to attract, in a different color, right underneath the picture (for quick reference.)

3. An enthusiastic expression of what it FEELS like to have received it, to have the intention come true. This includes all the gusto and zing that I typically use when celebrating something. So, that’s authentic to me.

4. An expression of gratitude. As you know, gratitude goes a LONG way in helping you attract what you want, so I include it here too

Once this is all set and looks good to me, once I’ve proofread it for mistakes or for something that doesn’t feel quite right, then I click SEND and it gets shipped to me in the mail by the wonders of technology, with a real stamp and everything. So cool.

Just the ANTICIPATION of seeing the finished product, the excitement knowing this is on its way to me (not just by mail, but in “real life”) gets me manifesting it.

Once I receive it, I open the envelope, and read it as if I had gotten a letter from a friend. Then I tape it onto the window ledge just above my computer screen.

Why there? Because it’s strategically positioned in a place that I can review it all day long, whether I’m typing something (like now) or when I’m on a phone call. My eye automatically lands right on that card.

So, the assignment around this is simple:

1. Figure out what you want RIGHT NOW (how much and by when) and be specific (although you don’t need to be specific about WHERE you will find these clients or this money). Now, the question I have for you is, what are YOU going to ask for?

2. Create a sentence that reflects that.

3. Get into the FEELING place of what it would feel like to achieve the goal

and incorporate it into your card text.

4. Include Gratitude.

5. What kind of photographs would represent your intention visually? Create a visual using www.ClientAttractionCards.com.

6. Send it to yourself and notice how you are anxiously awaiting its arrival

(both in the mail and in “real life”).

7. Tape the card on a wall or in a spot where you’ll refer to it all day long

(maybe make two and keep the second one on your bed stand to refer to

first thing in the morning or last thing at night, before you fall asleep).

8. Trust that it’s on its way to you, because it is.

Hope that illustrates for you just how easy and effective this method of attracting clients can be.

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