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expanding your business

Today, let’s examine a question that comes up for many overwhelmed business owners: To expand or not to expand? 

While it can seem like “too much” to think about expansion when we are already overwhelmed where we are, I do believe that if we can help more people, we owe it to others to set up our business to help in a bigger way.

Here’s what I mean: right now, at this moment, there is someone (or perhaps an organization) that could really use what you offer. It would change their situation. Perhaps, it would change their life.

In fact, it’s not just someone or an organization, but legions of people and possibly whole industries that could use your help.

The problem is, you may be keeping yourself small because you’re at full capacity right now (or close to full capacity), unable to take on many more clients with the way your business is set up right now. As it is now, you cannot help these legions of people. 

Truth be told, continuing to do business this way (overwhelmed, stretched too thin and likely not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel) will likely mean that you burn out in five years or less.

To serve more people and have a greater impact on those who could really benefit from working with you, it means that it’s time for a change, yes?

Here’s what is required:

Let’s forgo the practice of working hours-for-dollars with limited numbers of clients. It is time to leverage your business model so you can make room for many, many more clients and customers, without working harder. Right now, we could set up your business model for you to work with as many as 10 times the number of clients you work with now, while actually working much LESS.

You might be wondering, “Is this even possible?”

The answer is YES. There is indeed a way for you to work with many more people while working less, and we can find it – it’s what we do in the Boldheart Leverage Program with entrepreneurs just like you. 

You may not know what that business model would look like right now, but there truly are an infinite number of ways to deliver solutions to your clients.

By not changing your business model to expand greatly, you are depriving countless people of the solution that they really need. 

The more individuals or companies that you serve and bring your unique brilliance to, the more you can make this world a better place.

If you look at it that way, it can be seen as a moral obligation (some might even say it’s a divine obligation) to grow.

Imagine that you have the cure for cancer. In fact, I’ve worked with several clients over the years whose businesses help people reverse their cancer. And when presented with the opportunity to scale and leverage their business model to work with more people, there was a lot of resistance: “Yes, I have the cure for cancer, but I can’t scale by business to work with more people because I must deliver the work one-to-one or else it won’t work.” 

The resistance is there, but it’s usually based on a limited understanding of the different kinds of business models that exist.

Literally, there are countless permutations of how you can deliver your work in the world, and many of these don’t have to depend so heavily on you. 

And even if you don’t have the cure for cancer, you may be saying the same thing about your own business.

As you look to change your business model, fears will come up. It’s normal. Old beliefs may create resistance to change where you say “No, no, no, no, I can’t do it!”

These old beliefs are what I like to call ‘sacred cows’ (a term you’ve likely heard before). For our purposes, I define a sacred cow as a belief that you hold as untouchable or immovable – even though beliefs can be changed.

You might be saying, “It’s not possible in my business,” or “It wouldn’t work in my industry.” In fact, if you didn’t have a ‘sacred cow’ around your business model, you would have scaled your business already. It’s really just a mindset, an outdated set of beliefs that are holding you back.

This is why it’s important to examine the resistance that comes from old beliefs that are no longer valid, instead of simply changing the business model.

It is the current set of beliefs that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm, doing business the way you’ve always done it, or the way it’s always been done. 

There are many “good reasons” why you aren’t scaling your business now, or working with many more clients (while working less). These “reasons”, which are not really true, are what’s keeping you small and drowning in your business. 

Maybe you have a fear of being copied, criticized, overwhelmed or judged, if you were to grow? Maybe you currently believe clients won’t work with you any longer, or you have the belief that “they won’t pay for that”, “they only want me”, or “they won’t get results any other way”?

Or maybe you hear yourself thinking or saying things like, “If I’m not there holding their hand it won’t work, they’ll want their money back. Nobody can do it like me.” 

Are these sacred beliefs true? No, they are not.

Anything is possible once you change your beliefs around the thing.

If you want to grow, it’s time to eliminate the long held beliefs that no longer serve you so that you can make a shift.

That’s how we start with all of our members, working on their beliefs before we embark on any significant change. Our Mindset First Methodology™ is why so many women change their businesses and scale, while getting their life back.

We examine (and then eliminate) the OLD set of beliefs, which then makes way for a NEW set of beliefs that removes the resistance to change. When the resistance to change is gone, she takes much bigger action and creates much bigger results. 

But it’s almost impossible to change your beliefs so radically on your own. There is too much at stake.

Are you feeling ready to make this change to your business model, but aren’t sure where to start? This is exactly what we help women do in our programs so they grow their business, impact, income and free time exponentially.

Our support is why they get to multiple 6 and 7 figures, with their freedom back.

Perhaps you are just a bit curious about what that would look like in your own business. Let’s talk, without obligation, so we can show you what’s possible in your situation, whether it’s your business model or something else getting in the way of exponential growth.

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