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The courage to set boundaries changes everything


Are you like me, a High- Idea Generator? Constantly coming up with new ideas, one after the other?

People like us are constantly brewing up new concepts while juggling the day-to-day grind. We don’t have a shortage of ideas, but a shortage of time and focus to make it “all” happen.

Without SPACE, these ideas can’t actually manifest.

But, how do you carve out enough space in the frenzied world we live in?

While I’m not a productivity expert, maybe you can use some of the things I’ve been doing for many years to get more focus. I hope this helps you:

There is SO MUCH DISTRACTION. It’s hard to have any quiet time to get things done.

Either someone wants something from me (my kids, my family, and friends, the pull of social media, other obligations, things I’m interested in that don’t have to do with my business, etc.)

Our days just seem to get filled up.

I’ve found that the first step in becoming more focused starts with having the courage to set boundaries. Here’s what it could look like for you:

  1. Let your clients know when you’re not available during certain times, so you can focus on exponential growth activities. Your clients will actually respect you for being clear.
  2. Educate your team to respect certain blocks of your day as “sacred” because these are your “focused work hours”. Your team will honor your boundaries when you actually set them.
  3. Instead of keeping tasks on your to-do list, take your project management to the next level by scheduling them in your calendar. This way, you reserve dedicated blocks of time for essential projects. It’s a game-changer when you set boundaries with yourself.
  4. BONUS: Unleash your brain’s full potential by listening to brainwave soundtracks when you work, to enhance your focus during specific tasks. This can help you accomplish more in less time.


These are just a few of the strategies that I personally use, and that I recommend to other women entrepreneurs. They’ve helped me immensely with my productivity and give me remarkable focus.

Imagine having a structured workday that allows you to be ultra-productive in shorter, focused bursts.

I hope you try these.

I’m here to champion you,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Founder of and The Leveraged Business Program

P.S. You’re doing great, in case no one has told you that yet today.

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