The Comparison Monster is real

Today, I’m here to remind you that every single flower in the world blooms at a different pace. 

You may be looking at your business and your results and your income and your impact and you may be saying…

Why isn’t it happening fast enough? 
Why is she already there?
Why is he making that much?
Why are they on stages and not me?
Why are they creating passive income and I’m not there yet?

Let’s take a moment to reel in the Comparison Monster and honor exactly where you’re at on your entrepreneurship journey:

I know it can be so easy to get discouraged when we look around and we see people accomplishing so much more than we feel we’re accomplishing.

Here’s what I want you to know:

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. 

There are people who started before you did, or perhaps had more experience than you did when they started. 

Maybe they’re getting coached right now and you don’t know it. 

Maybe they have structure in their life to get them to implement more. 

Maybe there’s accountability, where they are reminded daily that “Today’s the day that we do this and this and this.” 

So please…

…don’t compare yourself with others, okay?

Everybody moves at their own pace, and you’re exactly where you need to be. 

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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