The “After Glow” of The Leveraged Business. How to get clients to come out of the woodwork [VIDEO training]

[This is a no pitch, all content video.]

Everyone’s always asking me how to get clients to come out of the woodwork and finally want to work with you (high paying clients, that is, not ‘sinking ship client’) no matter what’s going on in the economy.

Well, I have a technique for this that I use almost every day, that’s no-cost, and super easy for you to do too (I teach my high-level private clients to do this).

It’s all based on an interesting phenomenon that I’ve seen happening and that I now call “The After Glow” added to a subtle “perception technique” that I found totally by accident.

Both will help you get prospects to come out of the woodwork and work with you. I describe it all in the video.

Let me know what you think of the video and how you think you’ll use it in your own business. Oh, and feel free to ask any questions. I’ll be answering your questions and reviewing comments personally. You can submit your comment or question below.

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40 Responses

  1. If you don’t like using the word drip, you can use “distill, trickle, filter down (this one is one that I use), or micro-seed (for those looking to sound uber educated.”
    Following the assignment from the video, I made an ad using a pic of me with the mayor and posted it on the chamber website. The mayor doesn’t know me from Adam, but we looked pretty pally (if that’s a word) and I have already had some inquiries as to how I know him and that has opened up conversations about my business, so I have to say that it works.

  2. Great video, Fabienne! It motivated me to do a broadcast to my list, and I got three new subscribers within the hour (which is a lot to ME!) and some instant feedback! Which in turn fuels me to keep dripdripdripping more high quality content on them! 🙂

    Keep it coming, these videos are SOOO useful!

    Hugs from France, 🙂 Maria

  3. Video isn’t working – I get double talk. I agree with what you are saying. Wallace Wattles talks about exactly the same things – practicing the law of attraction by ‘being the advancing man of increase’. I think once people have the NEED and TRUST you then they finally sign up! Good stuff.

  4. Great post, as always. The drip, drip, drip concept is fantastic. If I think about all the people I admire or follow, many of them do exactly what you’re saying. The hard part is to make it seem nonchalant or not braggy.

    By the way, I’m one of those followers from a distance. I read your blog and get your emails. I’ve owned “How To Attract All The Clients You Need” for years! Maybe I’ll get caught up in the afterglow someday soon.

    Keep up the great work –

    Cooper Smith Koch
    Cooper Smith Agency Public Relations

  5. This is great I heard about this from David Neagle but never really understood it!

    I have started to do some ‘leadership’ programmes as I truly felt more like a leader than someone who wanted to teach nurses about work’life balance anymore. It reflects who I have become myself, and in the past week did the first short workshops and a teleclass.

    The reaction has been really good and I have attracted some really sparky, interesting senior nurses, rather than unhappy overwhelmed ones that I did before!

    Onwards and upwards! I love your videos Fabienne, the ‘real’-ness of them and the info is always really on track!


  6. Hi Fabienne:

    In regards to the word “dripping” I agree! I don’t care for it either as it makes me think of someone with a nasty cold spreading their germs (LOL) instead of their incredible value, love, brilliance and all sorts of good stuff – which is absolutely what you do when you “drip”!

    So, how about using the idea of planting (seeds). Tiny little seeds. It takes time and attention and patience for them to germinate. Some won’t come to life no matter how attentive, dedicated or generous you are in tending to them. Some will start to flourish, then for no discernible reason… poof…they flop over and wither. There are also the seeds that burst promptly through the soil and say, “Feed me, water me, I’m ready to produce BIG time…I just need a tiny bit of help, some minor tending, a bit of attention….then stand back and WATCH ME GROW.
    However, there are seeds that you plant and then forget. Quite some time later than expected, sometimes a whole season later, they POP UP and surprise you. Sometimes you look twice ’cause you don’t even remember planting them, until, oh, yeah, you remember….I did plant them…last year! And you tell yourself, “Well look at that, they were just waiting for some unknowable moment to POP UP. Usually because they just weren’t ready to grow and bloom…but when they do…lookout! They can be the cream of the crop. And your patience, faith and attention pay off.

  7. Your suggestions always and I mean always continue to grow my business. So keep them Dripping.


    ps Don’t be an Observer Any More!

  8. I’m so happy to hear all this great feedback on this little video. My intention is to do some of these every so often, and give you some quick training via video that can have a MASSIVE impact on your business and your income when you implement them. Hey, that said… what do you want me to cover SPECIFICALLY on these short videos. Let me know and I’ll choose the most popular topics.

  9. Thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom Fabienne! I am one of those observers and have learned so much from you. I had been longing to work with you and Derek and took my first class just recently and loved it!! Can’t wait to work with you in a bigger way…I am getting there.

    What hit me in watching this video is that the drip-drip-drip impression of increase is perfect for women who are busy with all parts of their lives. As we live we can share our joy (drip, drip, drip), bless others who then can share with us as well. Completing the circle of love.

    Thank you again Fabienne! Love and peace to the Fabulous Fredricksons <3

  10. Fabienne, you continue to give and glow. Thanks for encouraging us to do the same. I”m not going to say this is easy for me to do. In fact is in complete contrary action to how I have been operating, knowing full well that it does nothing for me, my business or anyone else… So, todays the day, where that excuse is on the floor!! NO more Excuses!! See you in a few weeks, and thanks again….

  11. I really enjoyed this video. It opened my eyes to what I have been doing to myself! I have a bad habit of talking down what I do, as if I am embarrassed. I’m not. I know in my heart that I am good at what I do (others have told me as well), but I have always had a problem with putting myself forward. Working on that!

  12. How interesting…. As a perpetual observer I love this! I love to watch the build up and launch process for products and events. It’s a big part of my work, and lately I’ve seen a lot of people talking about their ‘afterglow’ post launch, but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone connecting the ‘afterglow’ to gaining clients or generating income. I hope you will discuss this in more depth soon.

  13. Thank you for helping me indentify why my business has taken off so much in the last 4 months. Purely by accident, I have been “dripping” those perceptions. Brilliant. Now I just have to figure out how to keep making it look unintentional!

  14. You shared this with us in a coaching session and we have been applying in like crazy and it really works – seems like such a little thing, but we all want to be associated with succesful doers. Thanks!

  15. Thanks Fabienne, what you say makes a lot of sense and I know other successful business people, like Carrie, out there follow that principle of associating themselves with even more successful people, and it works! I love your blog by the way! Anna

  16. Fabienne, you’re spot on. Planning my trip to LA for your MMBW I attracted three new clients as I simultaneously promoted your event on my facebook notes. I also noticing I’m interviewing increasingly more high achieving go getters for our “Live Your Peace” interview series including two leaders with more than a million subscribers. A workshop promoter and pricey pr agencies are coming out of the wood works to support my big mission of featuring inspiring stories. This leads to some very cool conversations all from being open about what I’m up to in my social media updates. Fabienne, three of your products and great content to thank! 🙂 <3

  17. Thanks for the nugget. I am in the conception stage of launching my new career. The “CTA” box arrived today! The impression of increase makes a lot of sense.

  18. Fabienne,

    Lots of great information, however, my video kept stopping and coming on again so I missed some of the things you had said.


  19. I’m new to this, just starting out, got Fabienne CD for starter and the ball has begun to roll. 15 years of artwork behind me and all to see in the front of me is connecting with the right people to reach for the stars and beyond. C.A. is a great place to start. I’ll keep you all posted. Stay in touch with The Leveraged Business and watch me GRO$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$W.

  20. Great video Fabienne!
    As a Math Artist By Design and new to networking. Its wonderful
    Hearing the energy in your voice, with joy and excitement within you.
    Love your open window with live action energy in the leaves of the trees behind you, it gives a since of the essence of total truth in your creativity to help others thru C.A. to make a better connection all around. Its great
    to be a part of such a new ground breaking first level of your new process to build beyond anything seen in our time. Great Start. Keep Your Lights Shining.

  21. Excellent validation of what we too have experienced with some clients. Thank you for helping us to methodically orchestrate a deliberate authentic and non-intrusive way to increase the delayed response time of the afterglow time period.

    We have recently revamped our marketing efforts to include pictures and imagery that reflects the impression of increase that ties directly to the actual growth we are experiencing with our new clients. Your video was absolutely timely. Thank you!

    TJ Haygood, CPC
    Confidential Search Solutions

  22. Thanks for reminding me of the “impression of increase” concept. Didn’t remember it – and haven’t thought of it in years! I understand what it means and how to use it in what my business has been in the past, but as I transition to an entirely new business model (that doesn’t involve “clients” in the way we generally think of them), I’ll have to think about how to apply it. I know there’s a way…just have to come at it from a new angle.
    Thanks for prompting me!

  23. Fabienne, you are awesome! You provide such rich content in a personable and realistic way. I’m enjoying and loving following your posts and videos! Thank you so much! 🙂

  24. Thanks Fabienne! I am an experienced “pro-bono” coach :o) who is working on becoming a self employed coach. I am currently getting my certification with CTA, and really enjoyed the The Leveraged Business CD that came with the curriculum. I was very surprised to find in my notes that I attended one of your free calls back in March, before I decided to sign up for the classes!
    This info on “The After Glow” is very encouraging! I have been wondering, “How long do you continue to market to those who seem to never respond?” The answer is forever, unless they unsubscribe! The After Glow can apparently come at any time, and may take months or even years of exposure to happen.
    I am going to notate the times people say “Wow, you did that?” or “Holy cow, you are really on the ball!” and use them as Perception of Increase seeds to plant for those ‘observers’ to watch grow and want for themselves! Your marketing ideas and know how have really given me the solid footing to know I can grow my own business, no matter the circumstances. Thanks again for sharing.

  25. Hi Fabienne,

    I enjoyed meeting you and Bari last year at Shine when Baeth introduced us in the coffee shop.

    I have always appreciated your authenticity. Yet I’m dismayed at the number of entrepreneurs who seem to be exaggerating successes just to feed their marketing machine. Thanks for emphasizing that the impression of increase is not at all about fabrications or lies, but rather about gracefully showcasing what is actually true.

  26. Fabienne,

    You are certainly a master at isolating, highlighting and applying ‘pieces of the puzzle’ of successful approaches to business and marketing.

    In considering this concept, ‘The Perception of Increase’. One of the first things that comes to my mind is how the concepts and ideas that you introduce are well-founded and well-grounded; they have depth.

    I realize that in order for them to make a difference for me, I have to not only have my systems in place, but also to be ready for the results they will bring (Mindset!!!)

    Thank you so much for persevering in your challenge to bring individuals who have much to offer ‘out of the woodwork’!!

    Kind regards,
    Susan Morgan, LPC, NCC

  27. So lovely to see your video. Don’t you just love all this high tech stuff for marketing. I learned a lot from your video in terms of finding my little, termites who’ve been living in the wood of Healthy Gourmet To-Go, but have yet to order food. They sometimes let me know they’ve been reading my info of the week/menus for quite some time.

    I myself feel like one of your termites and see how I’ve been ‘following’ you, your babies, travels….drip, drip, drips….and someday, if/when I’m ready for a coach, I’ll give you a holler.

    Can’t wait for the next video!
    All the best,

  28. The video looks interesting, but it is not working correct it keeps stopping

  29. Excellent insight Fabienne. The impression of increase is a very valuable strategy and one that you do very well. Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks. WhooHoo!

  30. Great idea, Fabienne. I realize that I have already been doing that lately. When you are experiencing an increase, you naturally want to share it with others.

  31. I started actively marketing my indexing business 6 months ago, & I’ve recently gotten my first paid client (business was pro-bono before this, to build my portfolio.) I have let people know about this paying gig, and am getting a lot of congrats. I hope this is an example of making an impression of increase, as described in the video….

  32. The drip, drip, drip reminds me of watering one of the potted plants on my patio. It takes a lot of drip, drip, drips before the plant is saturated itself and begins to drip out the bottom.

    The perception of increase certainly happens gradually. I like the analogy of the drip, drip, drip applying to myself first and then overflowing onto others. As I am developing my business, little by little I am listening, learning, associating, and implementing more and more (drip, drip, drip) until I can overflow the principles I have learned onto others.

  33. Well, I would be in the “observer” category for The Leveraged Business. For a year and a half, I DID track CA’s (and you Fabienne) emails, e-zines, FB posts until I signed up. Your continuous string of success stories made me just keep clicking the right buttons this past April. I clicked YES-I’ll watch the LA live stream and YES, I’d like a five minute phone call AND YES I’d like to apply to the Gold program…I believe in the saying, when the student is ready the teacher appears. For me the teacher had to show me her successes and her belief in her clients and then finally her belief in my success possibilities~in a very authentic and human way. A side by side situation instead of an authoritarian one. That’s what works for me.
    Have a great day! Diane

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