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The 3 steps Susan took to grow by 50% working less


I wonder if you’re like Susan, whom you’ll meet below, stretching yourself too thin in your business. Wearing all the hats, working evenings and weekends, feeling like the bottleneck for everything that gets done?

If this sounds like the case, you will really resonate with Susan’s story of transformation. 

In just 1 year since joining the Leveraged Business Program, she’s increased her sales by 50% while getting a sense of unprecedented freedom and confidence back.

Watch this video to learn how she did it (take notes!):

Just a year ago, Susan found herself at a crossroads in her MBA coaching business. Despite reaching 6 figures, she felt trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion. 

She was acting as what I like to call a “solopreneur” – working 7 days a week, struggling to delegate, and lacking the systems and processes needed to properly scale her business to the next level.

The thing is – you’re not going to be able to make it to that next level if you’re wearing all the hats. You will need a different kind of (better) support to help you get bigger results, and your life back.

Susan joined the program and recognized she needed a shift in her mindset AND her approach. She learned from me that, to grow, she needed to do less, better – as opposed to doing it all.

She learned the importance of the mindset first methodology and rapidly changed how she saw her business to stop holding back and start playing a bigger game

Here’s what Susan has been able to achieve since joining:

And this is only the beginning of her journey. When you decide to take that leap of faith and get the support you need, it only gets better.

Maybe this kind of growth could be in your near future, too.

I’m here with the support you need,


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