The 20-60-20 rule I developed

Today, we are going to talk about how you could be closing more clients (and making more in your business).

It has to do with where you drop the ball when you’re on your sales conversations. You will love my top tip in this week’s new video.

Listen, I truly believe that you can have so many more clients than you have now, and make a much bigger impact through your business.

Problem is, you are unknowingly letting the majority of your prospects slip through your fingers, at the most crucial time.

It’s OK though. There’s nothing actually wrong with you. You just haven’t discovered the 20-60-20 rule yet, or what to do about it.

I am teaching it to you today in the following weekly video. This is important, so watch it now, OK?

Don’t beat yourself up for the sales that have fallen through the cracks (that’s not useful).

Instead, see that you’re missing out on 60% of the people you talk to only because you haven’t been taught how to treat them. All you have to do is open your mind to accepting the fact that there’s room for Growth (and getting trained on this by me).

And seriously, if selling with ease is your downfall, then you should, by all means possible, clear a section of your day today or tomorrow to watch my high-content, free 75-minute training here on how to close the sale, without ever having to sell yourself, ever again.

Yes, it’s about using a System (instead of continuing to wing it).

Yes, it’s about following a paint-by-numbers process (you’ve got to learn it though).

Yes, it’s also about your own wealth consciousness (shifting your beliefs around money).

There is absolutely a way to close more clients that is loving, authentic and absolutely feminine.

Don’t fear sales, my love. Embrace sales. This is THE skill that will always be your Universal ATM card, whenever you need money in your life.

Just learn it. It’s easy.

You can do this,

P.S. If you’re really committed to making more, watch this video training => I’ve never given my ENTIRE sales process away like this before, for free.

I’d love for you to have it (get a big notebook, you’re going to take a lot of notes). I’ll even give you a worksheet that will organize the whole sales process for you.

You can access the free 75-minute training here.

Enjoy!! xoxo

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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