Ten fast marketing methods to fill your local events

ten-fast-marketing-methods-to-fill-your-local-eventsDo you have a workshop coming up? Woohoo! First, give yourself a pat on the back. Next, let’s talk about what you’re going to do to fill the seats and get the most people participating. Check out this list of simple suggestions that are free or relatively inexpensive:

1. Make an Announcement to Your Email List. Your own contact list has the people most likely to register for your event, making this is the best place to start. Send out a few personally crafted emails with details to encourage readers to register.

2. Post the Event on Your Website. If you have an event calendar on your website, make sure to list it there so visitors can learn about your program and sign up.

3. Post on Social Media. Announce your event on all social media platforms and be sure to include a link to register in every post. Always make it easy for people to sign up.

4. Post on Local Event Calendars. Many cities and towns have local calendars where you can list an event. You’ll need to research what is available in your area.

5. Post on Patch and Craig’s List. Most towns have a local Patch.com extension where you can post your event and Craig’s List is another great resource with local access.

6. Hand Out Fliers at Networking Events. When I started out doing small workshops at my home, I created fliers on bright neon paper with all the details. I handed these out to people at every event instead of my business card. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share with others.

7. Ask for Referrals at BNI Meetings. At your Business Networking International (BNI) weekly meeting, hand out a flier and ask your team to share with people they think could benefit. You can also attend other BNI groups and pass them out to expand your exposure.

8. Make an Announcement in Your Warm Letter. Send out a wave of “Warm Letters” to your contact list providing details of your upcoming event. Ask your contacts to pass along information to any of their own contacts that might benefit from the workshop.

9. Ask Strategic Partners to Share. If you have started lining up strategic partners who are professionals targeting the same audience, they are perfect to help you spread the word. Have coffee with a few if time permits and ask them to consider who of their own clients might be interested, and then invite them.

10. Ask Strategic Partners to Send an Email. You can also ask select strategic partners to send out an email to their list for you. You might offer partners an incentive for anyone who signs up from their list. If you are already set up for affiliates, this is the ideal way to reward a partner’s assistance.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
When planning an event, be sure to plan how you’ll fill the seats. All the great material in the world won’t anyone help if people don’t sign up. You can use a few of these marketing methods to spread the word, or get really busy and try them all!

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