Teaching important Client Attraction concepts to a full house of entrepreneurs at the 'Get More Clients Secrets' NYC event last week

Last week’s ‘Get More Clients Secrets’ intro event in New York was a HUGE success. We had an amazing group of entrepreneurs (115 in all) join me for a full afternoon and evening of important concepts and pragmatic client attraction strategies to help them make more than they’ve ever made before, consistently. (Derek took out his Flip camera and shot quick videos of me on stage. I posted them on Facebook.) I taught for over 3 hours on client attractive marketing including attracting ideal clients, creating irresistible marketing messages, closing the sale virtually every time, building systems for your marketing and filling your pipeline consistently so you NEVER worry about having enough clients again. I also did two of my famous “hot seat” marketing makeovers – and together we all got to witness both businesses TRANSFORM with possibilities. I have to say – what makes events like these so incredibly special is all the love and support in the room. It’s a very unique ‘entrepreneurial energy’ coming from a room filled with like-minded people, facing similar goals and challenges and each possessing a similar drive for success with a big vision and purpose for their business – and their life. At the end of the evening, I told them about my brand new LIVE ‘Get More Clients’ 2-day marketing workshop taking place April 4-5 here in Stamford, CT (just outside of NYC.) They got so much value from just the 3 hours of what I taught last night on how to get clients consistently (and exactly how to move up quickly to the 5% of entrepreneurs who make more than $100,000 a year) that the 2-day event was a no-brainer. And I’m happy to say that half the room signed up to join me in April! (We’re going to change some lives, I know it…) What about you? Would you like to be part of the migration we’re starting, of entrepreneurs moving from the 95% of those not making what they want to be making to the elite 5% who make more than $100K in their own business? If so, then join me LIVE in April. You can get all the details and see dozens of success stories here. ]]>

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