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The only way to scale is to stop working so much

photograph of a large pile of post-it notes for business

When I told a few dozen entrepreneurial women this week that the only way to grow their business to a half a million (even a million) a year is to stop working so much, one woman wrote “Mind Blown” in the comments. You see, the thing that’s stopping you from growing is that you’re working […]

You’re doing way too much to be able to succeed

stop working so much

I know you have a million things on your plate and you’re trying so hard to get it all done. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re doing too much, wondering why “it” (the growth, the increased earnings, the control you seek in your business) is not happening fast enough. Here’s the thing I’ve witnessed […]

Do this to grow exponentially in less time

grow exponentially in less time Pareto principle

This rule is all about how to grow exponentially in less time. Today I have a mindset shift for you that will help you leverage your business to grow exponentially in less time putting in less time and effort, and it’s all about the Pareto principle. (You may know it as the 80/20 rule.) The […]

The list of reasons why your time is slipping away

stop working so much

I’m dropping in today to remind you that you are a business owner and not a chauffeur or someone else’s errand runner. Here’s what I mean: you likely have some personal time leaks that are happening during work hours, things you’re doing that if you’re being honest with yourself, you probably shouldn’t be doing. Here […]

How (and why) I build feminine time in my business day

feminine time

Feminine time is a concept that we don’t talk about enough. As a woman running a business in a world ruled by masculine energy (but we’re about to change that) must understand how and why is it so important to build feminine time in a business day.  Today I want to talk about something I’ve […]

No real vacation in years? Here’s my advice.

stop working so much

Did you know that you’re not that only one who rarely (if ever) takes a truly unplugged vacation? Most women business owners, if they take a vacation, are on their laptop at the beach, they’re checking emails and responding to clients when they’re with their kids at the pool, and are taking phone calls with […]

How to manage your priorities, not your time

Sending you some love from beautiful Stamford, Connecticut, where I’m back on U.S. soil leading our U.S. Leverage Track meetings this week. I know these are “business” meetings, but the truth is we go so much deeper than what you might think happens at these events. There are even tears sometimes. Why? Because my job […]

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