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The right team will set you free

right team will give you freedom

How are things going? Have you hired world-class team members who are taking things off your plate and freeing you up? This is what having the right team by your side should look like. Or does having people “work for you” mean you now spend all day managing them, answering questions, checking their work, training […]

Here’s how to stop the revolving door (and grow)

spiral staircase, looking up from the center

Having to continually fill the pipeline with new clients can be a big time waster when you’re already so busy. All the marketing, the sales, the list building and continual search for the next client. You’re already overwhelmed. What if there was another way to grow your earnings, without having to work so hard to […]

You’re too small to make a difference

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If you’re still working one-to-one, staying small, with the same business model as when you started, you are depriving countless people of your solutions.

You need to either grow or go

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If you’ve built your business on your own, you’ll likely get stuck at a certain level. Then it’s grow or go time – and growth means investing in your business.

Put On Your Big Girl Pants & Gain Accountability In Business

Gain Accountability In Business

How to gain accountability in business even when you’re a high ideas generator. You’re probably someone who comes up with a million ideas, yes? We entrepreneurs are what I call “high-idea generators”. We love to dream about what could be, new ways of thinking about things and how to help people. You too? The minutiae? […]

You’re doing way too much to be able to succeed

better marketer

I know you have a million things on your plate and you’re trying so hard to get it all done. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re doing too much, wondering why “it” (the growth, the increased earnings, the control you seek in your business) is not happening fast enough. Here’s the thing I’ve witnessed […]

Why you don’t fully trust your team

trust your team image of wooden people figures in a line, one with a magnifying glass over it

When you don’t trust your team, you can’t fully let go. Most business owners, through no fault of their own, use a faulty hiring process. Try this instead.

About your Comparison Monster…

Happy business women mentor

When we have big goals, like reaching 10X the clients or a million in revenue, it helps to find those who have achieved them, instead of comparison.

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