Are you a “Control Enthusiast”?

control in business

I know from experience that reaching seven figures as a woman in business requires a different kind of support than you needed when you started. In fact, it likely requires a different kind of support than you have now, even after some success.  In the beginning, indeed, you had to do everything yourself. You didn’t […]

Stuck? Stop working, start thinking

control in business

The following is one of my most popular teachings for folks who are ready to get to multiple six figures. Here’s what I want you to know. As your small business grows beyond the startup phase (yay!), you will become very busy (ugh!). Maybe you’re already there? Tell me, is this you? Your calendar is […]

You do not have to do it alone! (Here’s what to do)

control in business

In this week’s video, I want to remind you that you do not have to do it all alone.  I meet so many ambitious women, women who have big dreams and big goals, and they hesitate to commit to those dreams and goals because they fear that they won’t be able to get it done […]

How I now work from home with 3 kids

control in business

Having all three of my children home at all hours of the day for the foreseeable future is not something I ever expected to happen. You may be in the same boat.  I know so many mothers who are struggling to juggle everything right now and I admit…it was certainly an adjustment for me (and […]

This limiting belief shift changed everything for me

control in business

In today’s video I share a limiting belief that I had to personally shift to get out of my own way and grow my business. And I witnessed that same belief getting in the way of someone else.  You see, I met a woman recently who was completely overwhelmed. It’s as if she couldn’t see […]

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out

We all want to belong. In fact, it’s a core human need. But when you aspire to create an extraordinary business and life, your need to belong can actually become a huge detriment to your success. Because “fitting in” means sticking to the status quo. It means accepting ordinary. But here’s the rub… We are […]

I was a hot mess, she said

Do you struggle with this, too? Listen, one of the hardest things for a business owner to navigate is inconsistency in your business. It’s stressful and keeps us stuck in a cycle of feast or famine. So while Shailia says she was a “hot mess” (her words) when she joined us, what I know is […]

How to write copy that sells

Deep down, you know that… …every human shares a desire to feel important. …every person on earth wants to feel significant, like they matter. …every individual wants to feel special, like they’re more than a number. And that includes your potential clients and customers. The problem is many business owners and marketers treat their potential […]

To grow your business, go for yoga OR for a walk on the beach ;)

Sometimes I’m the (loving) bearer of bad news… 🙂 Here’s what I say to many, many of our clients and students who want to turn their yearly revenues into their monthly revenues. Ready? “Your business cannot grow if you keep doing everything yourself.” (The response? You choose: Ouch or Duh.) Listen, I know it can […]

To succeed, do this every day

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, because we have BIG changes in the works for 2016 (which also means a big positive direction for our business). In fact, I am certain that this is a tipping point year for us here at The Leveraged Business Business School. We just had hundreds of people enroll in our […]

Meet Shelley (and get big time inspired) :)

People often tell me how truly inspiring it is to witness the success stories of others who are just a few steps ahead on the path to success. (I do too. It makes me think I too can achieve THAT.) In fact, our innovative community of business owners has a saying: “A rising tide lifts […]

Do you surrender to distractions? (Here’s what to do)

When was the last time you beat yourself up for procrastinating, not getting enough done or lacking discipline in your business? HA! Was it today?? 😉 An hour ago? 🙂 (No judgement here, but you definitely want to watch today’s video.) The truth is that in order to be even more successful, we do need […]

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