Systems are the key to your freedom

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There is a mindset shift…a crucial element in creating a successful business and I will provide it to you in the form of a statement. 

I am the leader of a process-driven company. 
Say this out loud a couple of times, ok?

I hope that you write that down, because it will change everything for you. Why? A ‘person-assembled’ business or a ‘personality-assembled’ business is difficult to scale because it’s difficult to create consistency. 

But a process-driven business opens all kinds of possibilities. 

When I was first building my company, I flew by the seat of my pants. Everything was “all hands on deck” and I generated everything from scratch. 

Even when it came time to hire a team, I did what felt right at the time – hiring a certain person because I liked them, rather than strategically thinking about creating a system of delegation that would grow my business. 

I created positions around people that I knew. It was, “What are you good at? What can you do? Cool. I like you, you’re hired.”

It was all about people or personalities BEFORE systems or roles. The problem that I encountered (and you may have encountered this too) is that personalities are not always predictable. Systems are. When the business is built on personalities, instead of processes, it is simply not scalable.
Why? People change, people leave (yes, even those you love deeply) and when you’re not strategic about which role you’re trying to fill versus which person you hire, it creates a mess in your business. 

Consistency is the key to a self-managing, scalable business. And this kind of business requires a leader with a mindset that embraces process.

We’ll explore more ideas on this going forward, but for now, ask yourself: 

=> Am I open to adopting the mindset of becoming the leader of a process-driven company? 

=> Or do I believe it will take away my freedom and creativity? 

=> If I were to successfully implement systems and processes for all the things that are making me the bottleneck of my business, could it be possible that I would gain my evenings and weekends back? How? 

Take some time to write out the answers to these questions.

Remember, systems are scalable, inconsistency isn’t. Yes, you can create systems that will give you the freedom you seek, even if you’re not a “systems person”, don’t know how you’ll find the time or don’t know where to start. That’s what we’re here for, to show you how doing so will actually transform your business beyond recognition AND give you your life back, while increasing how much you pay yourself. 

We can help, as we’ve done with thousands before you. It starts with one simple conversation with my team so we can find out more about your situation. Just use this link to book a chat with one of our Strategy Coaches so we can help you determine what your most pressing needs are, the ones that will allow you to grow quickly in your reach, income and also freedom. 

We’ll determine together if we are a good fit; it all starts when you book a free chat here or by filling out the boxes below. Do it now. Don’t wait. You deserve to have your freedom back. 

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