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The Systematic Approach to Success using the Eight Leverage Activators

Let me let you in on something I’ve developed over the many years of teaching business owners to reach this level of success… (You know, where the business owner actually enjoys their life, makes very good money, gives back money, and is with their families and their friends on evenings and weekends.)

I’ve discovered that there are eight activators that lead to a seven-figure business where the business owner is no longer overwhelmed, but enjoying their life.

The great news is that when you activate and put each of these eight activators in place, you permanently shift your business into sustainable and then exponential growth.

I have never seen a business implement these eight activators and not get to seven figures with more freedom. It’s not luck, it’s strategy. It is a formula. It is a science.

The first activator is around Leveraging Your Team because I have rarely, if ever, seen anyone build a seven-figure business on their own. You need to be fully supported. The mindset shift that needs to happen is that you must release the need to do everything yourself. If you can fully embrace your role in the company as visionary and chief strategist and let other people do the work that is outside of your unique brilliance, you shift your results.

The second activator is called Leverage Your Systems. Every process in all key functions of your business, including all of the things that you used to do intuitively, must be documented into an operations manual that includes checklists and processes, and the, “Here’s how we do things around here.” You cannot get your freedom back unless you have this because everything would depend on you without it.

The next activator is about Leveraging Your Time. Most business owners put everybody else’s needs before their own. They’ll put their client’s needs before their own, they’ll put their team’s needs before their own, they’ll even put their family’s needs before their own. You leverage your time when you put your needs before the needs of others and you can set strong boundaries around your time. You learn that it is actually the most giving thing to do.

Our fourth activator –and this is a magical one– is about Leveraging Your Business Models. Most business owners only make money when they work and have businesses that are what we call, “Hours for Dollars.” And if the business owner doesn’t work with the client or a customer, then they don’t make money. When you leverage your business models and the business is set up to make money even when you’re not there, that is leverage-able. That is when you can scale your business.

The next activator is about Leveraging Your Accountability. Many business owners that I’ve met don’t go for exponential income growth because they don’t believe that it can actually happen. Secondly, they’re also already overwhelmed, “Why would I want more clients to make more money? I mean, I want to make more money, but I’m already overwhelmed. If I added double the clients, I would be more overwhelmed.” Thirdly, they just don’t know how they would actually do it. When you are clear about your company’s very specific and tangible goal for the year, and you have then reverse-engineered that goal to include quarterly benchmarks, monthly targets, and weekly tasks to predictably get you there, you actually make that goal.

The sixth activator is where you Leverage Your Marketing, when you understand that if you want to add another zero to your business, then you need 10x your marketing. Now, you don’t need to do it yourself. You simply have to look at which marketing channels are already working, turn up the volume, and really start thinking about marketing automation.

When I first heard about email sequences, evergreen webinars, launch campaigns, etc., they made my head spin. When you wake up and you see you have three new clients and you didn’t do anything, that is the ultimate leverage of your marketing.

When the majority of your marketing is on autopilot, it helps you gain your life back. At the same time, it helps you dramatically increase your results.

The seventh activator is where you Leverage Your Differentiation. This is about understanding what specifically makes you and your company, your product, or your service different from anyone else in your industry and you leverage your differentiation to be untouchable. You practically eliminate your competition. Where you are no longer seen as a commodity, but you and your company become the only person in the dark cave that has the map and the flashlight.

They will follow you when you understand your points of differentiation. When you have created a proprietary system with a proven ability to get your clients results that they can’t get anywhere else, you can find a way to make your clients feel what they can’t feel anywhere else. We show you how to master this in this activator, so they will stay with you for years.

The final activator is where you Leverage a Second-in-Command. At a certain point, when you have a second-in-command in the business–after you’ve leveraged your team, your systems, your time, your business models, your accountability, marketing, and your differentiation–it’s time to move yourself more and more into that visionary and strategic role. This is where you need someone else who reports directly to you, and whom everyone else on the team reports to.

This is somebody who is wired and naturally gifted at setting specific priorities for each team member, at creating deadlines and timelines, and managing projects from A to Z so that everything is faithfully executed according to the plan.

Before you get overwhelmed, let me stop to say…you’re not going to implement all eight activators at the same time. That would be maddening. So we implement one activator at a time.

One of the tools we offer on Boldheart.com is the Boldheart Business Assessment. There are three phases of business, and when you take the assessment, you receive a free report that tells you what phase of business you’re in and which two activators you can focus on right now at the exclusion of everything else. Then, once those activators are in place, you move on to the next piece in your strategy.

And of course, you don’t have to go this alone (in fact, I would highly discourage you from doing so). Whether it’s through our coaches at Boldheart Business, or with another trusted advisor, know that the fastest path to success comes from following the path that someone else has proven first.

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