Stop talking to small thinkers

Here’s an interesting phenomenon…perhaps you’ve seen it too.

Sometimes, I find myself having engaging conversations with people who have big dreams, revolutionary ideas and super cool plans, whether it’s a business thing like writing a kickass book that will transform their industry, or the idea of moving to Paris for a year with their family. They’re filled with enthusiasm and positive expectations about the future, and they can’t wait to get started. It’s all very exciting and dreamy.

And as sometimes happens in life, if our paths go in different ways for a little while and we happen to reconnect at a party or a seminar, I will excitedly ask them what came of their big dream and what forward progress they’ve made toward that awesome future vision they’d shared with me. Often, and sadly,..

…an embarrassed look comes over their face.

They look down at their shoes, and say, “Oh, that!” and then tell me all of the reasons that it wouldn’t have worked anyway.


You know what happened?? I do.

They went home and shared their big dream with small thinkers.

And those small thinkers gave them every single reason why it wouldn’t work.

I’ll bet you anything that, when they review things a little bit down the road or at the end of their life, this (too) will go on the Regrets List.


I’m in the business and practice of showing people how to be bold and lead with their heart, helping them to activate their potential for greatness, whether in business or in life. So this isn’t my first rodeo.

Reaching the million-dollar mark? Sure, no problem, you can do it. Here’s how. Want to increase your confidence and embolden your “self?” We have steps to do that, too.

Anything you can dream up, you can do.

But I’ll tell you something, one of the biggest dream killers is asking the advice of people who’ve never done what you’re trying to achieve, who’ve never taken big risks and who have never had the courage to step outside of their own comfort zone to achieve their own potential for greatness.

No, don’t ask them. Ask those who have done it. Ask those who’ve felt the fear, thought about all the reasons why it could fail, and who went for it anyway.

THAT is who you should be talking to on a regular basis.

You know what happens when you do?

They’ll tell you to go for it, that you have everything it takes, and that they’ll be right behind you, cheering you on and generously passing on their best practices.

When you have big dreams, protect them like a precious seed. Don’t share them with the people that you know are going to only see the “can’t-do-that”s, and “can’t-be-done”s.

Only share your greater future vision with your fellow visionaries. And then, learn from them, surround yourself with others taking big leaps, and don’t look back.

This is crucial in making your future dream the reality you deserve to experience.

I believe in you (and your potential for greatness),

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  1. Love this so much! You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. So surround yourself with smart people. Life is too short to focus on what you lack. By the time you realise you attract in what you focus on, half your life has gone!
    I’d also add that if you also see problems instead of holding onto your dream and focusing on making it a reality, then you may need to work on your own mindset.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom Fabienne

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