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Stop overthinking this!

OK, don’t buy into it for one second.

(You can breathe right now and forget all the hype.)

Yes, it is……..2018.

And yes, we did just kick some serious tush as a tribe in our Planning and Strategy day. (I don’t mind admitting that I am uniquely talented at pulling big dreams out of, and inspiring, really talented people. I was born with this. My peeps really appreciate how I stretch them, with love.)

And maybe, sooner rather than later, you’ll be there with us? 🙂

But until then, if you’ve been “should-ing” all over yourself about all of the beginning-of-the-year planning that every blogger and “guru” is telling you that you “should” be doing right now, worrying it will take a long time or you won’t get it right, I’ve got some relief for you today.

Today, I’ve got a Speedy Gonzales way for you to create your plan for 2018 and get right to business.

Grab a pen, because you’re going to want to write these 3 short questions down. Then…give yourself 30 minutes and GO. Ready? Watch the video now:

First, let me say this: I am a huge proponent of having a real plan and some real goals.

I mean, a good plan helps you create a whopping 44% increase in just one year, like our member Gail W., who told me this Wednesday that she did this in just her first year with us (she was already at 6 figures, making it pretty cool). So, yes, a plan is key.

But, often the planning and strategizing can become a real distraction or a way to avoid actually doing the work of generating revenue and sales.

As I shared with you in today’s video, to shortcut this “year planning thing,” all you have to do is answer these 3 questions I outlined for you, and in only 30 minutes, your whole 2018 business growth plan is off to a start.

Simple, right?

Of course you could be even more strategic, as I also shared in the video about how our entire community of Boldheart members just gathered for a half-day planning and strategy session.

And as fun and productive as it was, I’m also aware that lean and mean is sometimes just as effective.

I want you doing the things that directly lead you to making the money you deserve.

That said, can I make a loving move right now and take a stand for you? Even though it’s a little bold?

(I’m assuming you’re good with this. Just know I care.) 🙂

If you’ve questioned yourself in your business recently, wanting some real clarity and a specific action plan, so you too can increase 44% or more this year…

…and maybe you’re either making good money but you no longer have a life and you’re stuck, OR, you really want to ramp up your start-up but the clients haven’t been coming in as fast as you want…

…and you know (hope!) that 2018 is meant to be YOUR year…

…and if you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, doubting yourself, comparing yourself against everyone else who seems to have it “going on,” but you feel that you don’t (and you’re a bit resentful about that), then maybe you need to do something drastically different.

Maybe this “I think I’m going to try to save a few bucks and try to do it on my own thing” is not working for you.

(I know, it’s bold of me to say this, but it’s what my best members tell us they were thinking for a long time before they surrendered to getting all the help they needed, and then everything starting happening for them once they did.)

Listen, I tried to go do it on my own too, in the beginning. Until it continued not working and my friends who were getting serious coaching started making waaaayyyy more money and growing way faster than me. Then I got wise.

Dare I say it, maybe it’s time to get yourself into one of our proven business coaching programs, will you?!? (heart, heart, heart, love, love, love)

I invite you to do this: watch this video invitation from me. And then let’s talk.

We’ve figured out the formula, so you don’t have to give up too early or waste too many years by trying to figure it out yourself.

It’s just so much easier to grow when you have a proven system, tough-loving coaches who believe in you and a community who has your back, with tons of hugs and maybe a glass of wine at the end of the day.

OK, PSA over.

In all seriousness, though, get your plan done. And then work that plan. Every day. If you just do this, your business will be transformed.

Big hugs,

P.S. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be following me for so long or reading these emails and watching these videos if you didn’t somehow deep-down know that you belong with us. Trust yourself. Would you just take a chance and reach out to us here to schedule a time to chat so we can find out more about you, see if we can help and point you in the right direction… If we’re not able to help (and sometimes that happens) we’ll give you other resources or point you in a different direction, OK?

Just reach out.

Love. You.

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