STOP IMPLEMENTING! To build a business, use a different approach to marketing

A lot of solo-entrepreneurs wonder how to build their business even bigger, in a short amount of time. They want to know how to attract clients quickly, but are very slow in implementing what needs to be done. And so results are slow in showing up.

Here’s what I want to say to you about that:


I know that sounds contrarian, and for some, it might even seem controversial, especially coming from a business coach specialized in Client Attraction.

But here’s what I mean…

Your number ONE job as an entrepreneur is to come up with ideas for marketing your business. THAT is your brilliance work, other than delivering that what you promised your clients.

The job of implementation should actually fall on the shoulders of your team members: Virtual Assistants (VA), administrative assistant, project manager, marketing assistant, interns, etc.

You see, if you want to grow your business to the next BIG level, you can’t actually be bogged down in the details of implementing it. You’re the only one who’s invested enough and knows your business enough to keep learning. That’s what we do here at It’s my job to come up with the new marketing ideas, the new programs and services, and then I choose the best people to launch them.

So, surround yourself with people who can execute your plans, and keep coming up with ideas. THAT is the ultimate leverage and it’s how you become very successful in business.

What’s YOUR experience with implementing? I’d like to know.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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  1. Great post–I am going to print this and post it above my desk. I have to remind myself to stop implementing. My first reaction is to do everything myself, which is impossible and leads to burnout. More than a handful of times a day, I have to stop what I’m doing and ask, “Is this something that I can delegate? Should delegate? And if it is, why am I not delegating.” I’m learning to let go of the need to control and allow others to help me implement my vision. Thanks, Fabienne.

  2. Well said! After a long uphill journey I am taking this to heart and seeing great results! My team needs to do what they are good at, so that I can do what I am good at!

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