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Stop following up (do this instead)

God, I love today’s video that I made for you.

It’s about LOVE.

And following up. (Ick. Yuck.)

And getting clients, more clients than you have now. (Yes, please.)

Perhaps you’re looking to sign on some more clients? Make some more money?

There’s a saying in business: “The fortune is in the follow up.” But if you’re being honest with yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about “following up” and even “being followed up on?”

Ugh, I know! Me too. (Yucky.)

If you’re like me, and it’s maybe a 2 or 3 on that scale of 1-10, then this week’s video is for YOU. And if you already looooove following up on prospects, then you will DEFINITELY love watching the video because it will make you more effective in signing up more clients quickly and consistently. Here’s how to do it my way, The Boldheart Way. Watch this, sweet friend:

Everything is energy. Including Marketing.

Every word we utter and everything we label has a VIBRATION. And whether our prospects know it or not, they respond, consciously (or subconsciously) to the vibration we’re emitting.

If you think about the energy of “following up,” it’s coming from a place of wanting something from the person. Taking. Hunting. Winning.

But when we shift this, in the way I describe in this video, the vibration totally shifts from us wanting something to us creating connection, and giving love, and caring enough to be in touch.

You see, people go where they are loved.

Doing marketing The Boldheart Way is about taking everything you do in your business and steeping it in love.

Not just because it feels good to do so, and it’s more integrous, but ALSO because it works SO much better than the other way.

I know, it may sound a little woo-woo, but I have to tell you…making this shift (and using the list and script I gave you in the video) has the potential to change everything in your business, especially when it comes to getting more clients. (I even have members of Boldheart Business successfully using this in their construction business. Their law firm. Their accounting practice.)

Why does it work so well? Because when your “come from” is love, reaching out to people is easy. It’s fun. It’s aligned.


When you reach out to people from love, they feel it…you are attractive, in the energetic sense. Your potential clients can sense that you’re coming from a place of real and authentic integrity and care. And they love it.

Think about it…who would you want to hire? The person who’s following up to see if you’ve made up your mind yet and how soon can they take your money, OR…

…the person who’s checking in to authentically see how you are and is there to help you achieve your goals and dreams.


Me too. 🙂

So much, uh, love, 😉

P.S. Speaking about love. One of the things that people in our programs often say to me is, “Fabienne, you and the entire Boldheart Team loved me to success. You will never know how much of an impact your belief in me actually had in my new results and the money I’m now making.”

It’s true. We definitely don’t do things like other business coaches or coaching companies do. They have their way, and I respect them for that, but we have ours. And it’s miles, planets away from what anyone else offers.

We don’t just cram your brain with tactics and strategies (although our processes and methodologies are miraculous and, well, pretty freaking awesome, like the ones you see in these weekly videos). But we go beyond:

We also offer the Mindset Shifts you need to get yourself out of your own way; we give you the Tribe of kickass entrepreneurs (and friends) you’ve been looking for your whole life so you don’t have to do this alone anymore; we hold you in that bubble of loving Accountability so you finish what you start and play a bigger game than you’re playing now.

P.P.S. Want to experience it for free? Like a taste of delicious ice cream? Just to see what it’s like? To get a glimpse of what your future will look like when you’re with us in Boldheart Business? Then let’s have a casual chat. Here’s an invitation from me to a free strategy call.

There’s no sales pitch. We just want to hear about your business, see what’s not working now, hear where you want to be, and help you map out the exponential growth activities you should be working on now. And if you’re curious about working with us, you’ll let us know.

Here is where you fill out the short form so we can get to know you better.

Go for it! xoxo

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