Stevie Award Winner: Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Derek and I recently attended the Stevie Awards for Women in Business at their annual dinner in New York City (it’s the Oscars of the business world.) I was honored to receive the Gold first place award for The Female Entrepreneur of the Year (see the video here…) and to also receive silver and bronze awards for Coach of the Year, Maverick of the Year and Company of the Year! For me, it was a wonderful night of reflection and appreciation for all the amazing opportunities that I’ve been blessed with on this journey, and frankly it hasn’t all fully sunk in yet. Who would have thought 12 years ago when I first started my business that this would ever happen! I’m so profoundly grateful that you are part of that journey as well and I’m looking forward to seeing what else the future holds, for you and for me.

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  1. Well deserved Ms. Fabienne! 12 years only seems like a long time if you’re looking for immediate results — you’ve built your life on your purpose for all those years – and you deserve every good thing! (so does Derek!)


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