She stalked me for 10 years! (Wait till you see what happened next)

Sometimes, the one thing we need the most already exists, waiting for us right under our nose, even when we don’t recognize it right away. (This has been true my entire life.)

And when we recognize its existence and say yes to it, it has the power to change everything.

Want to be completely inspired and start to think much, much bigger about what’s possible for your business?

Tracy Harrison stalked me (her words) for 10 years before taking a chance on working together…and wait till you hear what happened next! Watch THIS:

From $150K to almost 1 million in just 3 years?

If you knew that was possible in such a short period of time, would you wait that long?

Yes, sometimes it does take our soon-to-be members some time to find their way into our incredible “home” as Tracy calls it. The idea that it could actually work can be hard to wrap your head around for some!

As you’ll hear in today’s thought-provoking video, Tracy got to the point where she knew she was ready to take things to the next level in her business. She was already overwhelmed, but she also knew she had a greater mission. And her overwhelm was keeping her from her higher calling.

Can you relate?

It could be easy to assume that once you’ve hit 6 figures (or even 5 figures) in your business, you’ve got it made.

But the truth is that for many business owners, it’s a challenging place, especially when, as was the case with Tracy, there’s a greatness burning inside that simply must be expressed. (Maybe for you too?)

And she’s absolutely right… To settle for less does eat away at your insides.

The opportunity, of course, is to discover the ways that your business can be grown and then leveraged so you can fulfill that burning desire within, the calling that is yours and yours alone.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re one of the budding business owners who simply knows that you are here to do great things and create an extraordinary life…

(I’m speaking to you – yes, you)

…then let’s talk.

That’s how Tracy did it. And that’s how you can too.

I see your greatness (even if you don’t see it yet),

P.S. How did Tracy go from “stalking” me to fulfilling her calling and multiplying her income as a result? It started with one free phone call with a loving Strategy Coach. It was a defining moment for her. Interested in one too? Watch this video invitation from me.

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You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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