Speaking at the Connecticut Women's Conference

Hundreds of entrepreneurial women were in attendance at the CT Women’s Conference in Farmington, CT last Thursday and I was honored to be invited to speak about what it really takes to go from 5-figures to 6-figures, and then to 7-figures in your business. The response was really heartwarming. In some small way (or maybe even profound way) some lives were changed yesterday, and that’s why I do what I do. One thing I shared with them all is that to grow your business, you must master Compelling Marketing that PULLS ideal clients in, rather than continuing to push so hard to get clients. There’s a big energetic difference and the marketing skill is a learnable, teachable skill that can be mastered quickly. To learn how to do it all in an authentic way that honors your prospects AND honors you at the same time, I spoke to a few of them afterwards about my affordable “Get More Clients” 2-day Marketing Workshop in Stamford, CT in a little less than two weeks. It’s where I teach my entire tin-depth techniques and where we do a lot of the work in the actual workshop, so you can go home and plug it all in effortlessly. Just 10 days until we close registrations… Curious? You can get all details, see success stories and register here. Speaking of getting more clients, have you watched my high-content, high-value, NO CHARGE WEBINAR? In it, I share with you some of the secrets you’ll learn at the workshop I just mentioned. I recommend getting a pad of paper and a pen, and making time to watch it asap, before we take it down soon. Here’s where you can watch the webinar from the comfort of your own computer. On a more personal note, we moved our offices on Friday to a swanky loft-like space, about a half mile from our home. It’s very exciting and we all have a great feeling about what this will do for our business. Thank goodness the move is all handled by our fabulous assistant! I’ll post pictures as soon as we get out of boxes.]]>

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