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Sometimes, you have to step back to leap forward

Today, I want to tell you that growth is not linear (this week’s video will explain it).

Growth in your business sometimes requires that you actually go against the grain, and instead of pushing so hard, it’s actually really good to retreat for a little bit. Watch this:

Let me explain something I do at my annual three day Mindset Retreat…

There’s a point at which, when I am on the stage, I kick off my high heels.
It’s to demonstrate that, if you want to go much further in your business and you want to create really big change, you actually need to step back.

And so, as I have my heels kicked off, I try to jump from where I am further but I can only jump probably about three or four feet. That’s not far, only a little bit of a jump.

But if I want to jump six feet or more, what I have to do is, from where I’m standing, I must take a big step back or two and then leap forward. That’s when I can jump about six feet or more.

I share the story with you simply because it is a metaphor for what must be done in your business, every few years, every few months, for you to create exponential leaps.

When people look at me and say, “How did you grow a multiple seven-figure business?”

I answer that it’s about putting a pause on many things and cocooning a bit to strategize and figure out what to do.

Because you cannot grow your business in between client appointments. You need to get out of the office, you need to strategize, you need time to think and come up with a plan of action.

And that means retreating sometimes. And taking a step back.

Once you’ve taken that step back and you’ve incubated for a while, that’s when all the strategy comes, the steps come, and the implementation schedule reveals itself.

That’s when you leap forward into your future and into your impact.

And so if you’ve been going, going, going, going, wondering why your impact, your income and your business are not growing fast enough, consider retreating a bit.

Get yourself in a place where you can get out of the office and think and be challenged and be stretched and be mentored and surround yourself with other people who are also thinking regularly about their business so that they can move it forward. That is my inspiration for you for today.

And I want you to think about getting some help with this.

Sometimes, you just can’t give yourself a good haircut.

If we can help and if you’d like to chat, reach out to us to apply for a free strategy call by clicking here.

Let’s chat and explore what’s not working for you now, and map out a plan for getting you the help you need. We can also explore working together, if you like.

Either way, though, let’s get you on a call with a strategy coach, so we can help you leap forward.

Sending you lots of love. I know you can do it.


P.S. Seriously, you’ve been standing in the same spot for a while. More of the same will create more of the same.

Let’s see if we can help you strategize your next leap forward.

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