Some hacks to overcome procrastination

Today I’m sharing some best practices around overcoming procrastination. 

You see, people like you and me who go against the grain of society and open up our own business, we’re wired to start new things…

…but we’re not necessarily wired to finish them.

“Oh, I don’t feel like doing it. I’ll just do it tomorrow, I’ll just do it next week…”

Procrastination can get a hold of us and prevent us from getting the results that we want. (I’m someone like this, too.)

I’ve been able to create some big things in my career so far because I recognize this about myself: I have a tendency to procrastinate. I’m not perfect at this (I don’t know who is) but today, I’m sharing some best practices that I’ve found helpful in my own life. Hope this serves you well:

I’ve found that getting past procrastination is about creating systems, structures and accountability to help get things done NOW as opposed to later. 

Here are some examples of what I do…

  • I know that I need systems to stay organized, so I use spreadsheets to keep me organized and use a project management system to better stay on task (which the whole Boldheart team also uses).
  • To make myself more accountable, I’ll promise things to people whom I don’t want to disappoint. This makes me more likely to do it than if I hadn’t told anyone about it.
  • Other times, I like to do things WITH somebody else present, so that we’re doing it TOGETHER and I resist the urge to move on to something else, an “accountability date”, if you will. (Doing things with other people feels less lonely and more enjoyable. More enjoyment equals less procrastination.)

Now, I want you to think about other areas of your life where you get things done on time. 

Maybe you’re great at dropping the kids off at school on time, but not so great at delivering content to your audience consistently and reliably every week.

Look for the structure, the system, or the accountability that you have around the thing that’s working in your personal life…and then apply it to your business. 

This is what’s helped me create so much more than I ever would have if I was left alone with my procrastination.

That’s my inspiration for you today. 

Tackle this procrastination thing head on, and let’s start taking some action.

I know you can do it. xo

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