So proud of my two aspiring authors — this is what life is all about!

I came back from work this week to find my kids jumping up and down, giddy with excitement. They couldn’t wait to show me their “books”! They’re both big readers, getting an hour to read in bed every night, and I believe this is shaping their love of books, storytelling and the written word – just like mom. Claire was so proud about her new book of poems (they’re really good) and Luc was over the moon about his “Super Mean Book”, a story with a super-mean villain that ends in him doing the right thing after all. The look in their eyes was priceless. They were so giddy, they gave me advice: “Mama, I have a great idea! YOU should write a book too!!” (I smiled and told them I had.) So adorable…These are the moments I always want to remember.

The sweet smell of Spring is finally in the air here, after a long snowy winter. This season represents a time for renewal and rebirth for me, which is why I’m finding myself energized andinspired by new possibilities. If you celebrated Passover last week or Easter yesterday, I’m wishing you a peaceful time of reflection and gratitude, spent with your yummy family and friends.

Oh and before I forget, I posted a new video success tip for you this week. It’s all about getting HUGE results QUICKLY in your business. Take two minutes to watch it here, ok? It’s important advice every solo-preneur and small business owner needs to hear.

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  1. I did this when I was tiny, too. I found one the other day. I wrote it when I was about 4, and I had even put acknowledgements in the front!

    Published my first novel this month. Feels SO good when you fulfil the dreams you had as a child, doesn’t it? I went through traumatic brain injury and coma to do it, and had to teach myself to write again, so it was even more wonderful. Feel so blessed.

    You must be so proud of your little ones.

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