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12 ways to fill your workshop and attract more clients

I’m often asked how to attract clients to fill a workshop. If you are planning to deliver a program, here are 12 suggestions to help you reach as many people as possible with details about your event and pack the house. Make sure you carry out at least five tips so that your workshop is a huge success.

Tip 1: Call prospects

Yes, call people! Choose the most likely prospects who you haven’t yet worked with (perhaps they weren’t ready for private sessions) and say, “I’m hosting this event and immediately thought of you.  I know you’ve been thinking about working together and this would be an easy way for you to receive some great value and a sense of what it’s like to work together.”

You can also call existing clients when promoting a workshop. They might want to supplement the work they are already doing with you.  

Tip 2: Create a Flier

Prepare a one-page flier with all the program details when you’re marketing a workshop. Write a bold headline that addresses the big problem you are offering to solve. Include everything attendees need to know including date, time, place, cost and how to register. Provide your phone number, email address and website because people have different preferences for how they’ll want to sign up.

Tip 3: Network Like Crazy

When you go to events, instead of handing out your business card, give people a flier. You can say, “Yes, I have a card, but let me give you this invitation to my upcoming workshop.” Attend as many events as possible during the three to six weeks prior to your workshop to reach lots of people and attract clients who will register.

Tip 4: Email Your List

This goes without saying – share program details with your current list. If you have a good size list, that’s great, but if not, this will supplement your networking efforts. Depending on your lead time, you may want to mention the event multiple times.

Tip 5: Offer a Free Webinar

Another way to attract clients for your workshop is to offer a free webinar to sample what you will be covering. Give people a taste of the wonderful information they’ll gain. At the end, say, “You may not want to do this on your own. If that’s the case, come to this workshop so I can help.”

Tip 6: Look for Joint Venture Partners

You may know other professionals who target your same audience but are not in the same business. Partner with them to reach out to their lists. Remember, this is an opportunity for them to add value to their subscriber community.  They might send out an email to their list with details or run a webinar or live video on social media platforms with you to encourage registration. You can offer an incentive for every person who registers as a result of the partner’s help.

Tip 7: Ask for Referrals

When you’re talking to existing clients in the lead-up to your workshop, mention your event and ask if there’s anyone in their circle they think would benefit. They may know one or more people who might be perfect.  A workshop can be the perfect introductory experience of working with you that could lead to more personalised offerings. 

Tip 8: Share on your Social Media Platforms

When you’re promoting a workshop, you can share the news on your social media platforms. As well as sharing posts about the workshop itself, you can share posts on the subject area you’re going to be covering and have your call to action (CTA) be booking your workshop.

On your Facebook page, pin the most relevant workshop post to the top of your page. It helps make sure that the post is seen, especially by returning visitors. Don’t forget to make header graphics for your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile, so that anyone who visits in the run-up to your workshop knows about it. (And pop a note in your diary to remove the time-sensitive graphics after your workshop and replace with your usual graphic or next event). 

Tip 9: Incentivise Early Bird Registration

Create urgency by offering bonuses or lower pricing for people who book your workshop early. You could even add special upgrades for the first few people who book. Having those first few registrations booked in can be a powerful tool for more bookings, when you share the number of registrations in the first 48 hours or are able to say “only 50% of tickets left”. 

Early Bird deadlines are a great reason to post on your social media platforms. Instagram’s Countdown sticker can underline the urgency of disappearing bonuses or rising prices.

Tip 10: Be a Podcast guest

Guesting on podcasts with audiences similar to yours is helpful in bringing you more clients through extending your reach. When you and the podcast host serve the same kind of people, conversations can be very natural and you’re being heard in the right places.

You can start by thinking about the relevant podcasts you listen to and asking your existing clients which ones they subscribe to.  You can also use research tools such as Listen Notes and SparkToro

Tip 11: Features and Benefits

When you’re working out how to advertise a seminar workshop, focus on features and benefits. As well as the basic date and time information, make sure potential attendees understand why they might want to attend and what they’ll receive from taking part. 

Tip 12: Social Proof

Share stories of past clients who have been successful with you and your business. Testimonials, especially of personal transformation, are powerful and authentic persuasion tools to help you attract more clients. Where possible, quote exact words of past clients, together with their photo or video.

Also share where you have been featured: articles, podcasts, a guest speaker and news websites. This helps show your status as an expert. 

Attracting Clients for your Workshop: Next Steps

These 12 ways of attracting clients for your workshop will help you build awareness and share with plenty of people. Take the time to map out your steps along with timings and any support or outsourcing that’s needed and add to your tasks. As clients book, track how they found you and the main reason they signed up. That way, you’ll know which of your steps were the most effective for your audience and you can double down on those for future workshops, giving you a customised blueprint for booking out your workshops.

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