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Sitting in the bright and sunny living room of our new home!

Woohoooo! We did it! Derek, the kids and I are all settled into our fabulous new home. This is the one I’ve been dreaming about moving into for 5 years, admiring it every time I drove by it, and the one I set an intention to own years ago. The manifestation process we set forth all culminated last week! We hired movers to pack everything up, deliver it the next day, and unpack it all the following day. Then, a team of professionals was hired to put things where they needed to be, which was a great help. (Although, it’s not all done yet, we’re getting there.) Clients who’ve seen it have asked how we’re managing the upgrade, and our answer is that “soon, this too will become the ‘new normal‘.” For now, we’re reveling in the beauty and magnificence of our manifestation, and teaching our clients how to do the same in their marketing and in their personal lives.

While all this was going on, our Platinum Mastermind MM7 clients flew in from all over, and we met for 2.5 days to do great work, both business-wise and some moving personal shifts too. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that they floored me by generating a combined $2.6 million in new business since JUNE, between the 14 of them. One client brought in $421,874 in 4 months. Pretty impressive, yes? We went celebrating that night with a wine and cooking celebration, which was a blast! You can see pictures of our super-fun outing on my Facebook page (including several clients dancing swing BEFORE dinner.) As I say, you must “Live Life Like You Mean It!” (Hope you had a great week too…)

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