This simple shift will increase your revenues

OK, today, a little inspiration about changing up how you do things, so you can make more. 🙂

Often, people ask me, “Fabienne, why have I been stuck at this income level for such a long time? I don’t know what to do to finally break through!”

Well, it goes like this:

Doing more of the same, well, creates more of the same. If you want a change, you need to change something.

If you keep doing what you do the way you have been doing it, can you really get to the next level of income within your business?

Not likely.

This week I want to share a different way of thinking about how you deliver your work to your clients.

The purpose of this exercise is quite specific: It’s to make more money. Period. Well, it’s also to help your clients get what they really need. Here’s the video:

It comes down to this:

Having only one way of working with your clients leaves a lot of money on the table.

Right now, you have a particular way of working with your clients, DWY, DFU, or DIY (the video explains each of these).

But one way doesn’t have to be the only way. That just satisfies one kind of need.

There are other people who also need your help, who want something different because they have different needs. When you create various options on how to work with you, and price them accordingly (charging more for how much access they have to you or the level of “done-for-you-ness,”  you’re more likely to close the sale than if you simply have one way to work with people.)

Makes sense, right?

The key to leveraging your income is to diversify your offerings so you give people different options to say yes to.

So this week, I would like to inspire you to think about your business model. Think about how you can diversify your offerings to meet people where they are.

We teach our Growth Track members (those steadily on their way to making their first six-figures in their business) to create at least three levels of service for potential clients. This creates an option of “yes-es,” if you will, rather than just one lonely “take-it-or-leave-it” option.

More people say yes when they have clear options to choose from, including one that will fit their particular need.

At the same time, this creates leverage…meaning that by doing this, you are creating different revenue streams in your business that don’t require you to always be there. Hallelujah, right? 

So will you think about this? Grab a pen and paper and start mapping out your own services mix of DWU, DFU, DIY, OK?

That will help you break through your income rut.

Here’s to you getting unstuck!

P.S. Want some help to figure this out, so you don’t have to map this out on your own? I have a strategy coach who would love to help you with this, at no charge. All you have to do is ask. Watch this video invitation for a free Strategy Call and then request a Strategy Session so we can do it with you. My treat. Enjoy! Xoxo

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Fabienne I felt this video was made for me only, lol.

    I do marketing consulting and I created a program where I teach other experts and professionals how to create their own virtual events, I have a 5 step system but I mix the infoproduct format with 1:1 consulting, but this was an aha moment for me, because now I can add a DYI, a Do it with me, or Done for you programs. I have one question, what program do you recommend I should offer to them FIRST? the cheap, the do it with you, and finally the done for you or first the done for you, then the do it with you and finally the cheaper DYI?

    I will implement this in my next launch and I will share my results with you,

    -Tatiana 🙂

      1. my gut says I should try and test. Because 50% of people says is best to offer the most expensive price first so then people say “oh, that’s super expensive, let’s see other options and when they go to the cheap they say, oh, this is not as expensive as I thought” and on the other hand 50% of experts will say “put the golden pie at the end, because good stuff is not at the beginning of the show” lol 🙂 am I right?

  2. Hi Fabienne, In the last few months I had laid out a 3-pronged service menu for travelers but had announced it only on my webpage dedicated to Services. Not many nibbles, I have to admit. Now, I will change my follow up email after Let’s Get Acquainted calls between me and a potential traveler/group leader and offer the 3 options each time. Thanks for the nudge.

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