Showing my father around our new Client Attraction offices (I think he’s proud)

You know by now that I believe in taking a “no excuses approach” to doing what it takes to succeed in your business, and yet I also believe it’s equally important to take time to recharge the batteries, as the saying goes. In fact, every 3 months or so, Derek and I schedule a “stay-cation” close to home so there’s no time wasted on travel, but completely focused on each other and living well (as parents, we all need a break sometimes too.) Well, this week, we stayed VERY close to home by actually not leaving! We spent our days at the beach, lounged by the pool, had lunches and dinners out and I read all day, while Derek played tennis. It was heavenly, and after just 2 days, we felt like we’d been away for a week! It’s really important for you to take some downtime. I hope you’ll fit that into your schedule this year as well.

To top off a great week, I flew my Dad in from France for a weeklong visit. It’s wonderful to have him here, and also to show him our new home, our new offices, have him meet our expanded team and see how our children have grown since he last saw them a year ago. He’s seen so much progress and I have to say, it’s feels great to share all this with him. (I love my “Papa”!)

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  1. Hi Fabienne – Love your stay-cation idea! Has your Papa ever attended one of your live events? He should see you doing your favorite thing! Aloha…Donna

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