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The Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing bait and switch

Today, I want to inspire you to become a benevolent fairy godmother with your clients. But first…let’s talk about sheep and wolves.

A spiritual teacher smiled knowingly at me a few years ago and told me that I am “a sheep in wolves’ clothing.”

“Wait,” I said to him, “isn’t that phrase supposed to be the other way around, like, a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

He said, as he was channeling, “Exactly! You’re the opposite of many people in business. Instead of taking manipulative tactics to get what you want, you’re a ‘doer of good’ who does these good deeds unassumingly so your people get what they need, even if they don’t realize it at first. You spin your magic for their highest good, behind the scenes.”

He got me.

I’ve (admittedly) been doing somewhat of a bait and switch with thousands of clients over the years, but I assure you, it’s an ethical bait and switch. Before you start questioning my integrity though, watch this week’s video to discover how to do it with your own clients, from a place of love, so they unassumingly get soooooo much more than they think they need, and go on to get great results. Watch this:

Now, usually, “bait and switch” describes something dishonest.

But the kind of bait and switch I’m talking about in today’s video is one you’ll want to adopt immediately, because it’s totally ethical, and it’s the right thing to do for your clients so they get better results. 

Here’s the deal…

People love to buy what they THINK they want, but they may be totally in the dark about what they REALLY need.

In fact, they may even tell you they don’t WANT what you know they NEED!

(Are you still with me?)

Here’s what I’m trying to say…

Sometimes, a prospect is so knee deep in their own confusion that they don’t see what’s really going on for them.

Let’s take two examples:

  1. If you’re a health practitioner, and people come to you because they want to lose weight, they may not realize that the cause of the chronic weight gain stems not just from certain food choices, but perhaps from some unresolved emotional pain, a low sense of self-worth or a lack of boundaries with people in their life. They may just be using food or an unhealthy lifestyle to numb themselves from something much deeper. That said, they hired you for traditional weight loss because they may think that’s what they need, but they wouldn’t have necessarily thought about getting help for the emotional component of it. That’s when you give them what they want (the healthy food choices and calorie-counting piece) and then, FOR FREE, you also give them what you believe they need as a bonus add-on (help around setting boundaries, better relationship choices, emotional healing resources, help with self-esteem, ways to start a spiritual practice, etc.) Again, this is an added bonus, on top of the traditional stuff you give them. And that’s what often creates the lasting transformation.
  2. For years, people have been asking me to help them with client attraction systems, marketing best practices, how to create systems, better delegate, create one-to-many programs, build a large email list, closing the sale scripts, and all your regular “business building” things. And I give them ALL of that in my Boldheart Business programs. But then, without them realizing it at first, I’m also giving them my magic fairy dust, what I know will amplify their more pragmatic teachings: unshakable confidence and belief in self, worthiness, mindset principles that will help them get out of their own way, help with being bolder and more courageous in doing that which they haven’t done before, a community of other Boldhearts on this same journey who will fiercely believe in them and champion them, lots of hugs, and unconditional love. And again, it’s all FOR FREE, an add-on bonus to all the regular marketing and business-building stuff. And that’s what creates the lasting transformation.   

Yes, it’s much easier to “sell” people what they already want rather than to convince them to buy something that they don’t yet know they need (regardless of how much they may need it).

It’s simply human nature.

So rather than fight this very inclination, this week’s exercise is about embracing it.

Yes, give them what they want…happily! 

And then, on top of that, take it a step further to surprise and delight them, by giving them even more, for free. 

Make sure that this extra, super-duper-secret-sauce addition to how you work with your clients is the thing that will get them the results they hired you to create. 

It’s about reading between the lines and then going above and beyond what they expect from you. It’s like being a benevolent fairy godmother. Behind the scenes. In service. And with love.

And ironically, that’s what grows your business much further than if you’d just stuck to your old ways of doing things.

I’m sure you know what consistently holds your clients back. What could you add to your services or products that would help them break through and enjoy excellent results?

Do this, and you’ll absolutely increase the impact of your work on your clients, but you’ll also have a more successful business. You’ll get rave reviews, referrals that are ready to work with you before you even get on the phone (I want what she had!!!) and increased revenue.

Let me know how it goes, OK?

Lots of love and fairy dust,

P.S. Maybe you’re tired of figuring out how to grow your business on your own or you’re confused about what’s really getting in the way? It’s hard to give yourself a good haircut and it’s also hard to see your blind spots. Maybe you need help seeing all the stuff you can’t see. I’m not sure yet. Let’s find out. Please take me up on my invitation to speak for free, so we can coach you to better results. There is no pressure to buy, we’re just here to help if you feel like you don’t want to continue doing this alone. Watch this video, and if it speaks to you, let’s talk, OK?

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