She stepped out of fear and into a six-figure business

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Sarah Hathorn, CEO and Founder of Illustra Consulting, shares her experience as a Sapphire Elite member of the Client Attraction Winners Academy.

At first I had that stirring inside, a little voice that kept saying, ‘You’re really bigger than you think you are, but you’re kind of afraid.’ Because of the fear, I wasn’t stepping up. I wanted to charge a lot higher fees and to work with top tier clients, but that just wasn’t happening.

So, I joined Sapphire Elite to get one on one coaching with Fabienne and Derek and to be in a mastermind which I had never done before. Hey, when I go, I go all in. During my half-day with Fabienne, she gave me the big vision and the marketing concept and told me ‘this is how you’re going to make money at it.’ My husband Mark, who is also my business partner, looked at me and said, ‘She’s right. I’ve been telling you this for years.’

Then, I got a call from a potential JV partner that I wasn’t sure about. I called Fabienne and she told me, “Don’t ever turn down money from the Universe.” Listening to her, this partner became a six-figure client for me. Overall, my business has increased 300 percent versus last year.

It’s just been amazing! Plus, you don’t know how incredible the bond of the mastermind group is until your experience it. My words of advice are that if you’re sitting there, it’s time to step up to play a much bigger game. If you don’t, you’re just going to remain where you are today.

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