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She got a tattoo?!?

OK, so this is crazy for me. A client recently said THIS to me:

“I got a tattoo because of YOU!”

In fact, three of my clients in Boldheart Business got a tattoo in the last 90 days, and they told me it was specifically caused by the work we are doing together.

A tattoo??

Our work together inspires them so much that they permanently want to carry it around with them their whole lives? Wow.

Now, this message is obviously not meant to get you to ask your clients to permanently mark their bodies (I didn’t ask), but I want to share it with you to encourage you to lean in to the intangible qualities that you offer in your work, because these qualities matter more than you think.

And to inspire you to think about your business in a different way.

What would it take for one of your clients to get a tattoo because of the magnitude of the shift you made in their life?

A permanent testament to the work that you did together? Like, for the rest of their life?

Watch this week’s important video about how it’s done:

What do you hear, time and time again, that you bring to your audience that they don’t get anywhere else?

You may be hearing this from clients:

“This is what I especially love about you…”

“No one else has ever done this for me…”

“You allow me to experience…”

We’re looking for your secret sauce, your fairy dust, your intangibles that really matter. The thing that you’ve been doing in your own life that you don’t even charge for!

This is what I’m asking you to focus on this week, and then…more importantly…

…I’m here to ask you how you can do more of it in your interactions with all your clients.

Chances are that there are lots of other professionals who do what you do. That’s normal. But the unique qualities that you bring to your work are what create brand loyalty and raving fans, and you may experience one of your clients coming to you to share the news:

“I got a tattoo because of YOU!”

I have to tell you (from experience) that it is a huge honor and incredibly humbling when you learn that you’ve made such an impact on someone’s life that they would do this. It is permanent, after all.

So what would it take for you to generate the same allegiance, inspiration, motivation?

Yes, beyond the 14% increase, the 30% increase year after year, the 100% increase that I talked about in today’s video. Those results are regularly there, too, for our members in Boldheart.

But let’s go beyond that. What are the results that you’d create, the experience that you’d cultivate, the emotion that you’d embrace that would create this?

You are a Boldheart.

(You wouldn’t be following me if you didn’t recognize that in yourself, even in just a tiny way.)

This means that you lead with boldness from your heart.

You’re here to change lives and leave your mark, theoretically (and I guess, figuratively too).

As we begin this new year, how can you expand into the next version of how you do your work in the world, using what Source gave you, and what comes naturally to you?

Weave that into your existing work. You were meant for this.

So much love,

P.S. Maybe you want to experience what they’ve experienced too? Not just the 30% or 100% increase. But maybe with this sense of deep, deep support, belonging and the relief that you no longer have to do this “self employed” thing alone. Frankly, it’s exhausting and sometimes even soul-depleting to do it on your own.

Maybe you want to talk about how we can help. If so, watch my video invitation here and let’s talk free of charge, OK? No heavy sales pitch, I promise (not our style, at all). No, we’re just here to help, map out a plan for and with you for 2018, along with the steps and resources to make it happen. And if you like what you hear, and you feel comfortable with us, you’ll let us know if you want to talk more about what it’s like to work with us and within our community after we map out a plan for you. Happy to do it. Just ask. Sending you big hugs and lots of love! xoxo

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