Set up systems instead of putting out fires

When you started your business, I’m willing to bet you had a vision of getting free from the daily grind, helping others, having more time for your friends and family, getting to travel and explore your passions…and the income to support it all, right?

If it hasn’t quite turned out that way just yet, and you’re still working evenings and weekends, stuck in the same place and feeling overwhelmed by it all, it’s time to get out of the day-to-day operations of your business.

But how can you do that if you need to be there to make sure it’s all being done the “right” way? 

What’s the way out of having everyone come to you with everything that comes up? 

Who is going to put out the inevitable fires if you’re not there to do it?

Once you establish the right systems for your business and they are followed by everyone in your company, you no longer need to be the one to put out the fires.

When you create systems for your team, and urgent things come up, need to be course-corrected, or something changes last-minute, it will all be taken care of. 

Try to picture what it would be like if everything in your business was predictable, but in a good way. What if everything ran like a well-oiled machine?

Imagine that you are no longer required to handle the details of your business…all the little things that add up and are taking up your whole day (and nights, and weekends). 

Now, visualize your day with things consistently getting done on time, on budget and within a certain set of desired criteria or specifications. 

How would that feel? How would that make a difference in your business and in your life? 

Here are 3 reasons why, when everything is documented and systematized, your role and your business begins to shift dramatically (we help you do this in our program). 

  1. Issues don’t come up as much. Why? Fewer things fall through the cracks because everything has a system.
  2. Issues take care of themselves. Your team can handle things when they come up, in an automated process, because there is a system that predictably looks at preventing chaos and takes care of it if/when something does go wrong.
  3. Issues get handled by a team member, not you. This means that you have more time to be really strategic about the exponential growth of your business. It also means that you have more time to take off – really not working on evenings or weekends – and getting more vacation time.

Embracing the idea of systems and processes, especially if they didn’t come naturally to you before, is really a game-changer for the day-to-day operations of your business. When things no longer fall through the cracks, chaos is removed from your life. You have time to breathe, time to think. Just consider that for a moment. 

Ask yourself what will happen when you implement the systems and processes that will allow your business to run successfully without you being there every single day: 

How much more creative will you be? 

How much more relaxed and positive will you be with this kind of space in your life? 

What would happen? 

What is possible?

Let’s go back to that vision you had when you started out, ok? Can you still see the life you wanted when you started your business, the kind of day you would have, the work you would do, the people you would impact? 

Don’t hold back here, write down the greatest possibilities that come to you. And then, share them with us on a free strategy call (you can book it here). 

You deserve to have a business and life that you love, and you really do not have to do it all alone.

We’d like to help you create a self-managing business and give you a sense of freedom and security back. Reach out to book a call through this link or by hitting the button below:

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