Say no to being the bottleneck

Too many business owners (maybe you, too?) are working WAY harder than they ever did when they worked in corporate, for WAY less money.
Today, I explain why in this video and what you can do to turn it around. Fast.

If you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and don’t know how you could possibly grow your business beyond what you’re already doing, watch this video now:

Bottom line (sorry to be direct): you’re the bottleneck. You want to make more, but everything that happens in your business has to go through you.

And let’s be honest…

It’s not working.

You’re probably working nights and weekends (and your family isn’t thrilled about this)…

And the idea of an actual unplugged vacation??!? That’s the privilege of those with a steady paycheck and two weeks a year of paid time off.

Is this you, my friend?

If I’m speaking directly to your biggest challenge in this video message, I want you to know…this is a normal experience. Literally every single successful business owner goes through this phase.

Unfortunately, only some figure out how to escape it.

Others stay stuck at the same level, stay exhausted and maybe even decide that entrepreneurship “isn’t for them.”

Hogwash. This is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to step into leadership and to be willing to change the way you’ve been running your business.

Stop being the bottleneck. I tell you exactly how to do so in this week’s inspirational message.

It’s about making the shift from being the “do-er” to becoming the orchestrator.

If you’ve ever been inspired by the countless success stories here at Boldheart, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

THIS. This is how they did it. This is how they doubled or tripled their revenue in one year. This is how some even turned their yearly income into their monthly income.

They learned to stop white knuckling everything in their business. They learned to trust. Systems. Team members. And yes, even the Universe.

And because they did…they reaped the rewards. You can, too.

Much love,

P.S. If you need help with this specific issue, meaning you can’t imagine bringing in one more client, or launching one more program, or adding one new marketing thing to your to-do list because you’re so crazy busy…

We need to talk. Reach out by clicking here to watch my video invitation and apply for a strategy call.

We can help.

The business you’ve been dreaming of is right on the other side of figuring this out. I promise…if other thriving, successful business owners figured this out, you can too.

Just reach out. We’re here for you.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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