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Say Goodbye to Your Hiring Nightmares

If you’re ready to discover a proven method to build a trustworthy team, so you can finally scale your business to 100K months (or more), the following will be very useful to you.

OK, let’s get real for a second…

How is your team shaping up?

If you’re facing challenges finding the right people or dealing with previous hiring disappointments, I understand your pain. As an entrepreneur myself, I have experienced these difficulties, and I have learned a lot about how to overcome them since reaching 7-figures for the first time 15 years ago.

Here’s what you should know:

If you want to grow your business to 100K months, you can’t do it all alone, and most importantly, you will need to WORK LESS.

Hiring the right team is essential, but it can also be a daunting task that requires trust and patience.

However, if you don’t hire the right people, you may find yourself stuck in the day-to-day operations of your business, working long hours and neglecting your personal life. That’s not the outcome you want, and it’s not necessary.

Within our signature program that takes women to 100K a month, we have developed a proven method to help women entrepreneurs hire and delegate tasks effectively. We teach you a clear and repeatable framework that works. With our approach, you can find and keep a team of trustworthy people who are a perfect fit for what they do AND believe in your vision.

Our proven hiring process helps you to:

  • Figure out who you really need, the right person for the right seat
  • Use valuable assessments so you stop making time-consuming, and expensive hiring mistakes that cost you time and frustrations
  • Free up your time and energy from exhausting tasks and focus on exponential growth.
  • Innovate new solutions for your business that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own.
  • Reclaim your personal life and spend more time with your loved ones
  • Hiring only/mostly part time people who “own it” and help you grow your business
  • Find a way to afford the right person NOW, not later
  • Duplicate the process each time you hire someone, so it’s something you create once and use again and again

All of this (and everything you need to get to 100K months or more) is included in our signature program. We’ve helped thousands of women business owners like you to overcome these challenges, and we want to help you too. Our world-class methodology is grounded in proven principles that take female business owners from being stuck and overwhelmed to scaling and flourishing.

Listen, I get that you started your business to do what you love, and hiring/firing/managing a team wasn’t really something you thought you would have to get good at.

That being said, it’s necessary AND it’s not something you can avoid. Not if you want to scale past where you are now. We should talk, now not later.

You can try to figure it out on your own for the next 10 years and waste valuable time, or, you could borrow our 20+ year mastery (we’ve accompanied countless women to 100K months using this process) and get you there within a year or two.

Are you just a little curious about how our approach can transform your business and give you back your freedom?

Book a free exploratory session with one of our heart-centered strategy coaches who will listen to your situation and guide you towards the right solution. We’ll help you map out a plan to scale your business and get you on your way to experience many weeks of unplugged vacations each year.

And that requires getting a team to help you, one you trust.

Go ahead, book that free strategy call now, just to explore what it would be like to get the support you really need. Now, now in 5 years.

Don’t wait until you’re on the edge of burning out, let’s talk sooner rather than later. Click here or the button below to book your free call and let’s strategize your next steps together.

free strategy session

Say goodbye to hiring nightmares and hello to building a team you can trust.

Can’t wait to see you at 100K a month,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. This call is entirely without obligation – it’s simply a chance for us to get to know you better and to understand your current situation, what’s working and what’s not working. We want to listen deeply, hear about your vision for the future, answer your questions and see whether we’d be a good fit for each other, but more importantly, we want you to come away with a clear sense of what to do next.

We can show you exactly how. This is why we exist.

Go ahead, book your free call here.

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