What to do when they say, “get a real job”

One of the things I know about being a business owner is that (usually at one point in our lives) we feel like the black sheep…in our family, in school, at the bus stop, and well, with most of what I call the “Muggle world.”

People question why we would want to take the risks we do, they ask us why we don’t just go get a real job that’s “secure,” and make us feel bad about wanting a bigger version of life, and having big dreams…

Sometimes, I see business owners who are true visionaries get in their own way when it comes to playing a much bigger game, because they’re afraid of losing family and friends, or worried about the criticism and judgement that would happen if/when they DO make it big.

Well, after a powerful event in the U.S. last week, I made this off-the-cuff video on my way to Manhattan to share the truth about who you are, why this happens and how to create an environment for yourself where you feel totally normal and can move forward being the leader and visionary you are meant to be. Watch it now:

What I notice time after time, when I get to speak with an entrepreneurially-wired person from this place of real, raw, honest truth…is that they feel a huge wave of relief wash over them. And with tears in their eyes, they commit to playing that bigger game, unapologetically.

“There are people like me in the world! They get me! And, they believe in me and my bigger purpose!”

Surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded people and you’ll never feel alone (or flawed) again.

Doing so means you get to stop trying to fit into a box defined by others who aren’t like you (and never will be) and just do “you.”

You can be unapologetic about your big dreams, your ambitions and your mission. And that, my friend…is what will grow your business to heights unknown to you before and change the world.

This is what we provide and do at Boldheart Business. Maybe you should join us? Let’s talk.

Time to go find some other black sheep, ok?

Much love,

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You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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  1. OMG. 100% Yes. Spot on. Thank you. You rock. I’ve followed for too many year without formally (monetarily) committing. I’ll be officially joining your boldheart tribe later this year!!! I appreciate you and all your widsom, really. You’re always inspirational and positive and a great, authentic business role model. Obviously, this message came at the perfect time for me. Thank you again.

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