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Ready to Let Go of The How, For Good? Let’s Talk!

I’m guessing you have a pretty clear vision for the future of your future but you find yourself stuck in the trap of trying to figure out every single step on your own. You’re waiting to take action until you’ve deciphered the entire roadmap.

Here’s the thing I’d like to share with you:

You don’t have to try to figure it out on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, you can borrow someone else’s ‘how’ and start seeing the results you desire, now.

Why wait 10 or 20 years to create the results you want now because you think you should go on the steep learning curve all by yourself? Instead, watch this video:

Letting go of the need to figure out the ‘how’ is a concept that can help you propel your business’s success forward at an exponential rate. Let me break it down for you with a few key points:

1. Don’t Figure Out the ‘How’ – Hire It!

As business owners, we’re not equipped to master every task or challenge in our business, so why waste precious time struggling to do so? You have your own unique brilliance (and enough on your plate already!) Instead, hiring someone who specializes in those areas can help get it done efficiently, and much more quickly. Your focus should be on steering the ship, not on building it from scratch.

2. Borrow Someone Else’s 10,000 Hours

In the Leveraged Business program, I often discuss the fact that mastery requires 10,000 hours of practice or a decade of dedication. However, if you’re like me, you likely don’t have that kind of time (or patience).

What if you could tap into someone else’s expertise, someone who’s already achieved what you want, and is willing to share that with you?

Enlisting in a mentor, coach, or a program is always your shortcut to success. Others have already put in the hard work – paying to benefit from their wisdom and getting results now, not later, will be a very good return on investment, more so than any other investment you could make for your business. You invest once, you keep the knowledge (and compound results) forever.

3. Collapse the Learning Curve

Our culture often glorifies the idea of figuring everything out independently, which can often really slow your road to getting the results you want.
Instead of waiting years while you figure it out on your own, you can achieve your goals in hours, days, or months when you borrow someone else’s proven method.
I’d like for you to take a moment to reflect on the areas in your business where you’re STUCK and yet trying to navigate the ‘how’ on your own.

  • Ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my precious time? If I could have done it on my own, wouldn’t I have done that already?”
  • Then, ask yourself this: “How fast could my business grow if I invested in myself by borrowing someone else’s mastery?

This, my friend, is the recipe for exponential growth – not in some distant future, but right now.
Perhaps you’ve been thinking of getting out of stuckness and overwhelmed, but haven’t made the next step in getting the help that will provide you exponential new results, with much less complexity.

Then, we need to talk.

I invite you now to apply for a Free Strategy Session here with one of our experienced coaches who want the best for you.

In this focused conversation, we’ll dive deep into understanding you and the unique dynamics of your business. We’ll assess where you are now, where you’d like to be and what’s getting in the way. Together, we’ll pinpoint the major challenges and opportunities ahead, and the steps needed to reach your goals MUCH faster than you would on your own, and with less stress.

Together, we’ll determine if our coaching journey aligns with your goals and what you need most to succeed. If so, we’ll map out the next steps together so that, this time a year from now, things are so much better and easier for you.

And remember, this session comes at no cost to you. There is everything to gain by clicking on the button below and booking a time to strategize with someone who will “get you” Go for it:

free strategy session

Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve the breakthroughs you deserve,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S.Remember, this Strategy Session is completely free of charge. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can start making strides toward your business dreams. I’m looking forward to potentially talking soon.

Don’t let the ‘how’ hold you back any longer. Embrace the opportunity to accelerate your growth, just as countless women entrepreneurs have before you.

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