Ready for the VIP party! Watch me live from Miami [new video]

I just posted this new video from last night before the start of the VIP party. It was a beautiful night in Miami and the energy with the people and friends here was ELECTRIC!

We’re about to get started for my Mindset Retreat and and I was thinking of you. Did you sign up yet for my free-livestream of the event? The response has been through the roof:

In fact, we have had an amazing response to the announcement to join me live. I hope you can grab one of the spaces while they last… This is your chance to watch a section or two of my workshop from the comfort  of your own home (at no charge!):
“See” you on Tuesday! Can’t wait…
You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Sorry to see that the live stream wasnt working to see the event. Any possibility of uploading up somewhere for viewing. Just kept loading and only saw a steady picture and no audio.

    Sorry to have missed the exciting event and was hoping to get some insight for next time.

  2. Hi Fabienne! You look great in this video. It must have been the lighting but your hair looks quite blonde and I’ve got to say — you look stunning! The light color suits you.

    I listened-in LIVE yesterday and appreciate being a “fly on the wall” at your conference.

    Best of luck to everyone there,


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