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Radical Generosity could be your best asset


I want to talk about “radical generosity” with you in today’s new video. 

So many people that I’ve talked to waver around how much really good value and really good content they should give away for free…online, in talks, in whatever they do: their podcasts, video series or weekly emails.

My advice is to give more than you think you should.

Those times throughout my career when I was afraid of hitting the send button because I would ‘give away the farm’? Those are the times that I got the most number of clients.

It is about giving more value than people expect from you. 

Watch the video now to get inspired about how giving can make you stand out in the marketplace, help you grow a following and create positive momentum in your business.  

In our digital age, so many people are pumping out free content, day in and day out. Every minute, there are millions of pieces of content flooding the internet. But there are also a lot of people who are just putting out mediocre things that don’t really stand out in the marketplace. 

The way to stand out in the marketplace is to give more useful content. 

Now where people waver is they say, “Well…what if I give away the farm? They won’t hire me.” 

What I have noticed is that when you give really good content, you surprise people. They mentally make a note of, “Oh wow, I should pay more attention to her.” And the more you give content that they can use, the more they realize that they should hire you.

It’s actually a little counter-intuitive: the more you give, the more they pay you.

I look at it this way: karma is real and so is the universal Law of Circulation. The Law of Circulation states that the more you give, the more comes back to you. 

The more value and content you give that is useful to people and makes them say, “Wow, I can actually implement this,” the more things will come back to you energetically. 

So do not be afraid of giving, giving, and giving! 

Just realize that maybe that’s your marketing angle: “I am a marketer who gives and that’s why I am abundant in my business and in my finances.” 

A powerful thought to live by. 

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