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A business expands exponentially when passion meets strategy meets implementation.

It’s called ALIGNMENT. Today, I want to share some words with you from one of our members to inspire you to find the intersection of these qualities for yourself.

“My business used to be completely different. I had worked for 10 years as a food stylist. I was making food look pretty for pictures for magazines, cookbooks and food packaging.

However, it wasn’t in alignment with my true, authentic self. I knew I wanted to be doing something different.

In the Leverage Track, I’ve done more in one year than I did in probably eight years of working alone, if that tells you anything. I created brand new divisions, a client list, systems and boundaries. I also published my first book.

I’m only working with clients that are in alignment with what matters to me, and am able to take on new clients. My biggest thing that I take away from joining Boldheart Business is that they’ve allowed me to think bigger and step into this larger space that I’m being called to.

If it’s important to you, just don’t put it off. Just keep going into it. The meetings have also really been a true support.

I’ve been working alone for so long and now I can call up and celebrate with this community and be excited with them. I adore them, and I really appreciate them, honor them and respect them for the people that they are and the person that they have held me up to be.

If you’re thinking about joining, I’m going to ask you how much time you have. Because if it matters to you, if your mission matters to you and your reason matters to you, why are you putting it off?

Stop hoarding your gifts to yourselves and share them with the world, because someone is waiting to work with you.” – Rachel Sherwood

Maybe you too, sweet friend, have been thinking that this “plateau” thing isn’t working so well for you, that you wish you could get a lot more movement and traction in your business. That it’s not happening fast enough…

If that’s you and you’re tired of doing it alone, just reach out today. 

We have more waiting for you here at Boldheart Business than words could adequately describe:

  • The strategies already mapped out for you
  • The accountability you know you need
  • The acceptance, friendship and love you deeply crave on this journey

These are what allow you to do more in one year than in the last 8 years, as members like Rachel experience. Extraordinary results that make your current results pale in comparison.

Why continue to go it alone when it’s not working?

Apply for a free call with one of our strategy coaches today.

Let’s have you stop hoarding your gifts and create that bigger future together.

We’ve been waiting for you,

P.S. If you could have done it alone or with your current level of support, you would have already. You’re smart. You’ve gotten this far working solo.
But what got you “here” won’t get you “there.” You require mentorship from vastly more successful mentors who will lovingly show you the way. You require community that believes in you. You require unconditional love and support, for the good times and the difficult times.

Whether you get that here, or somewhere else… get it. If you think we might be your community of mentors and friends, reach out today for a free chat.
Let’s talk about your situation, explore what’s not working currently, map out what your future can look like, along with your plan for growth, and then we’ll see if we can help.


You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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