Rachel Rider from MettaWorks: Success Story – added 100K to her revenues in one year (you can too)

Rachel Rider from MettaWorks; Success Story with Boldheart

Ohhh, you are going to love today’s transformation story! 

Rachel added another $100,000 to her revenues, bringing her to 400K in one year (yes!), while getting her evenings and weekends back.    

If “having it all” means growing your revenues exponentially, having more time with those you love and having a profound sense of purpose through your business, this one is definitely for you. Watch this:  

Rachel is an executive coach, helping senior leaders with their emotional intelligence so they can take their life and career to the next level. In her second year with us in Boldheart Business, she added $100,000 more to her revenues over the previous year, with a quarter left to go. 

(Can we celebrate her?! WOW.) 

And the best part for her is not just the money, it’s about having everything her heart desires: family time, charitable giving and impact because of a strong and profitable business. 

How did she do it? She learned to manage and grow successfully using our Boldheart program plan, structure, personal growth and community. 

As Rachel shared with me in a recent conversation, ‘it takes a village’ to grow and run a successful business:

We need so much just to care for ourselves and our business. And I feel like if Boldheart speaks to you, trust it, because when we invest in ourselves, when we invest in our business, things explode in unimaginable ways.”

Rachel already had the support of a business coach when she joined us, but she knew it wasn’t enough. When she saw our website, she knew she was in the right place…and made a commitment to herself right away, paying up front for two years.

“Your voice speaking to me about how possible it is to actually have a nourishing, rich, and full life, and be successful was… I know this is what I want. And so that for me was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to pay up front. I’m in this for the next two years. I know this is what I want and need.’ And so here I am, happy. Thank God.”

When she first left her corporate coaching job and started on her own, she was completely overwhelmed, working long days and weekends. It was starting to have a negative impact on her family relationships: 

“My husband would be so annoyed with me: I’m on my phone at dinner or late at night on a Sunday night, and he was like, ‘This is not why we supported you having your own business. Actually, this isn’t fun for us Rachel, we supported you because this was your dream. I’m not on board, if this is going to be the way it continues.’”

With the help of the Boldheart Business program systems and our community, Rachel now has evenings and weekends off and can spend time with her husband and young son, knowing that her business is strong. She knows she needs help and support, and is more than willing to invest in herself and accept everything that is available to her.

She can rely on us to help her in making great decisions or getting unstuck. Here’s what she said about what that’s like for her:

The thing that really comes up for me is that I’m not alone. To be surrounded by such unconditional support…by people who I deeply respect, who’ve done the work, who are here because they are about the same things. They want to make more money and they want to feel like there’s some meaning behind it and impact.

I just feel so lucky that I stumbled upon it – that I committed this to myself and I gave myself this gift. It’s done wonders for myself, my marriage, my son. I get to be present and loving and not stressed because I have a community who can carry that stress for me, with me.

I am that ambitious person; I want to grow and grow and grow and have it not be such a chore and that’s what Boldheart has taught me. If you create the systems with Boldheart… then you can grow exponentially and have that life back.”

Not only does Rachel have her spare time back for herself and her loved ones, she’s also able to make a huge impact on causes that are dear to her. 

“I might make it to 400k by the end of the year and if I do, I have made a promise to myself that I’m going to donate $40,000 to charities that are important to me.

Our businesses are about the impact we can have. And that isn’t just about the money. The money is important to me, obviously, but what makes this program so powerful is that it makes sure that the money feels meaningful and has a meaningful impact on the world. That’s like my North Star when things are tough, or when things are disappointing.”

Watch out world, Rachel is just getting started!

Her story is proof that you can have it all – when you have the right support, structure and mindset to find the balance between masculine and feminine energy so necessary for us womenpreneurs. Yes, we can go after the money and the business growth, but I believe deeply that all of us want to experience a certain level of meaning and fulfillment and impact.

Rachel’s done that – what an incredibly inspirational woman! 

What about you, sweet friend?

Do you want it all, but can hardly bring yourself to say that out loud? To show up in all the parts of your life fully present, feeling supported and making the impact you dream of? 

Reach out and book a free exploratory session with one of our expert coaches and tell us your entrepreneurial dreams, what you want to create for your life. We’d love to help you make them come true.

Let’s talk this week. You really can have it all, whatever “all” means to you.

Here for you,

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