A powerful reframe on marketing I think you’ll love

In this week’s training video, I get a bit emotional. (In fact, my eyes just welled up in tears watching it again just now.)

The premise of this week’s lesson?

Imagine that you have the cure for cancer.

But imagine that you are keeping yourself a secret.

Please watch it now. It’s just under 4 minutes, and I believe it will be a powerful reframe on marketing, one that I think you’ll love:

This training video is about the good that marketing can do when the right energy is behind it.

And it’s also about why it’s your moral obligation to get out of your own way and let people know that you exist, by marketing your business in a bigger way.

It’s me taking a stand for you to play a bigger game by multiplying your reach.

And serving more people with the “brownies” that you’ve been given.

That is, in fact, your divine contract.

So are you ready to answer these very big questions? And be honest with yourself?

“Why am I making it so hard for them to find me?”

“Why am I keeping myself a secret?”

“Why am I playing so small?”

I look forward to reading what you discover, if you would do me the honor of vulnerably posting your answers in the comments.

In service to you, as you multiply your reach,

P.S. There are people who need you and they don’t know it, and you have the ability to impact their lives in the most meaningful of ways. You’ll see what I mean when you watch this week’s video.



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  1. This video speaks to me. Through the remarkable process of hypnosis, I have guided thousands of clients to re-direct their thoughts and change behaviors. I recently earned my certification to teach others. Hypnosis is the perfect complement to coaching, counseling and other holisitc modalities and is quite powerful. As I step into the teaching, I can already feel the ripple! Who wants to add the safe, natural and highly effective tool of hypnosis to their resume? :) http://www.qthypnosis.com

  2. Some how you always seem to put out these powerful and mind shifting blog posts right when I need it. So Awesome and surreal. This reminded me that I owe it to those who don’t know about me yet, to get to know me because we were meant to work together. WOW…!!! So, So, Awesome. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for an amazing video, and so timely!

    I’ve taken two steps forward, one step back and then ran to hide behind something that would largely obscure me from view – and then get frustrated when I don’t see the results I crave. I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t share my message with the world, but then it’s like I bite my tongue and keep going through the motions.

    It’s almost like I long to scream my message “You are worthy! You are lovable! Those stories you bought into over the years and feel like you believe to the deepest parts of your core about all the ways you don’t ‘measure up’ – they’re false. They’re not real. You can live a much different life.”

    And then I get scared – what if they work with me and it’s ME that’s not good enough? What if I don’t measure up to what they need?

    What if I’m exactly what they need? What if I succeed beyond my wildest imagination and rock the boat so much that it all feels upside down?

    Just a small sampling of the reasons…

  4. Absolutely beautiful Fabienne! I’m taking mega steps at the moment to serve in an even bigger way. I’m part of Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program to support that process. Some times these things require the need to invest, and learn from the best out there. I love learning from you every week. Thank you for being you. x

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