How to Delegate Better

What would happen to your business if you were able to delegate more and much much better? There is certainly a part of you that knows deep inside that all …

Set Strong Boundaries Instead of People Pleasing

If you look at why your business may not be growing quickly, you’ll probably realize that ‘people pleasing’ is probably getting in your way. What you need is to start …

Your Business Can Run without You!

Woman sitting on the beach with a laptop on her lap.

As you reflect over the year that’s coming to a close…ask yourself this question: Have I taken well-deserved and much-needed time off (as much as I wanted and am worthy …

The secret to reaching bigger goals

woman in business clothing climbing an obstacle course wall

Metrics and data give you important signs that help you avoid obstacles before they happen, so it’s easier to course correct and reach your bigger goals.

Where did SHE come from???

business woman noticing something on phone

Do you believe in signs? Meaning, have you ever ‘gotten a sign’ that you should work with someone, read a book, visit a new place, take a class, or buy …

One year from now, be thankful for THIS

smiling woman with praying hands

While you started your business to get freedom, you’ve actually created more overwhelm in your life. Imagine that, one year from now you were thankful instead.

You’re too small to make a difference

colorful paper cutouts of people in a big crowd

If you’re still working one-to-one, staying small, with the same business model as when you started, you are depriving countless people of your solutions.