One year from now, be thankful for THIS

smiling woman with praying hands

While you started your business to get freedom, you’ve actually created more overwhelm in your life. Imagine that, one year from now you were thankful instead.

You’re too small to make a difference

colorful paper cutouts of people in a big crowd

If you’re still working one-to-one, staying small, with the same business model as when you started, you are depriving countless people of your solutions.

You need to either grow or go

woman business owner working on her laptop at home

If you’ve built your business on your own, you’ll likely get stuck at a certain level. Then it’s grow or go time – and growth means investing in your business.

Become a better marketer in 5 minutes

You CAN become a better marketer (and scale your business, as a result). You need a mindset shift – and this can happen in only 5 minutes – around marketing.

Why you don’t fully trust your team

image of wooden people figures in a line, one with a magnifying glass over it

When you don’t trust your team, you can’t fully let go. Most business owners, through no fault of their own, use a faulty hiring process. Try this instead.