Why you don’t fully trust your team

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When you don’t trust your team, you can’t fully let go. Most business owners, through no fault of their own, use a faulty hiring process. Try this instead.

About your Comparison Monster…

Happy business women mentor

When we have big goals, like reaching 10X the clients or a million in revenue, it helps to find those who have achieved them, instead of comparison.

The sign you’ve been looking for

Feeling overwhelmed in your business, know it’s time for change but don’t know where to start? This may be the sign from the universe you’ve been looking for.

Find the evidence that your dream business exists

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If I’m being bold, I’m guessing you started your business so you could make a difference in people’s lives WHILE having a lot more freedom. Yes? Perhaps you too wanted …

What if your business actually ran itself?

If you’re hearing from me for the first time, perhaps you’ve not yet heard me talk about the importance of creating a ‘process-driven company’. It’s a mindset shift I teach …

How to finish what you start

One thing that inspires me endlessly about us entrepreneurs is how truly gifted we are when it comes to innovation, ideas and inspiration. Most of us are what I call …

Your Imposter Syndrome

It’s normal to get blocked by your own Impostor Syndrome. When we’re alone, working in isolation, we start to doubt ourselves and wonder if it’s even possible.