Overthinking your marketing doesn’t work

In today’s video message, I would like to inspire you to stop overthinking your marketing.

You see, I see people procrastinate on their marketing daily…

They think about making time to carve out time to think some more about how they’re going to think some more about what to do for their marketing.

Meanwhile, no consistent marketing is getting done. So today, I’d love to give you a loving kick in the tush and invite you to stop thinking about getting the message out and start DOING. Watch it now:

You see, all of the overthinking turns into an overthinking paralysis…a.k.a. analysis paralysis.

My preference:

I would rather you take any action in your marketing than sit behind your computer and think about it.

In the end, you will not get results from things that you don’t market. And if you’re not getting enough clients you’re not doing enough marketing.

If you’re not selling the programs you want to sell…
If you’re not filling your events…
If your products are sitting instead of selling…

…it’s because you have to stop overthinking and just get yourself out there.
Sometimes it means hitting the phones. Sometimes it means just letting people know that you exist. Taking some action, ANY action.

Now yes, there’s plenty of room for strategy and funnels and tactics and the right calls to action (that’s what we provide you). This goes without saying. But if you’re not taking any action now, you’re not going to get results going forward.

So, I’d rather you get out there and at least be visible – imperfectly visible – and we can then strategize a plan together.

Let’s just get you out there so that people can find you. Let’s stop overthinking and do it.

Now maybe the thing that’s stopping you is that you just don’t know what to do to get out there and let people know you exist. Maybe you don’t really know what to do to market to get to the next level of impact and income.
And that’s where we can help.

This is what we do in the Boldheart Business program.

We teach you all of the marketing that will get you to 10K a month consistently.

And if it’s a question of you already being at six figures and you want to get to multiple 6 and then 7 figures, we can help you do that too. (That’s what we do all day long.)

Let’s chat at no charge so we can hear more about your situation and map out a plan for moving forward.

But either way, let’s stop overthinking.

You in?

Sending you so much love,

P.S. Having a free strategy call with us will help you stop overthinking and grasping at straws. No more confusion, you can just follow our 8 strategies to get you to 10K a month consistently (or even to multiple 6 and 7 figures).
Let’s explore what it’s like to work together.

Just reach out to us by clicking here and let’s book that exploratory call today.


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