Overlooking the marina with our new group of high-level Platinum Mastermind Clients (what a meeting!)

It’s been an amazingly rewarding week of live client group meetings (my favorite) at the Yacht Club. Tuesday, we hosted a seaside One-Day Coaching Intensive with 7 entrepreneurs who came to have me create their positioning, branding and marketing plans for them and answer their biggest business challenges so they could multiply their current results. Boy! Did we ever… each of them walked away with their entire marketing plan and step-by-step action steps they’ll implement to get the results they thought was out of their reach, until now. (I love doing these.)

The following day, we kicked off two days of brilliant Masterminding with my new, yummy Platinum clients (from as far away as the UK).  I cannot begin to describe the transformations they received. All have gotten huge transformations from their first of 4 meetings this year, not only in positioning for their business, but in creating LEVERAGE of their time, their income, their marketing sequences, their business models, their team support, etc. The bonding and sacred feel of this ongoing group (you can join this Mastermind at any time) is truly astonishing. This is an amazing think-tank of high-achieving entrepreneurs with hearts wide open. A new sacred family of entrepreneurs has been born!

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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