Our life-changing ‘Mindset Retreat’ in Miami last week

The notes just keep pouring in from the 175 attendees of the Mindset Retreat I completed last week in Miami. Seriously, these were some of the finest entrepreneurs, hearts wide open, big visions, ready to receive and eager to serve in a big way. I shared with them that, to make a lot more in their business and experience ‘financial independence’ they must get their passion and purpose out there in a MUCH bigger way. And they happily accepted my challenge. We experienced 3 days of transformational personal growth content, raw honesty and transparence (on my part and theirs) on what it takes to easily change your mindset for success, and the exact tools needed to get out of your way, get unstuck, play a WAY bigger game in your business, and bring your message out to the world, so that you can get handsomely rewarded for it while making a massive difference. Huge breakthroughs all around! The dozens and dozens of video testimonials blew me away…

If you weren’t there live, Rebecca, you’ll want to make a point to be at the next one, for sure. It truly was transformational. You can watch an inspiring segment of it from the comfort of your home (I actually wave to you from stage!) Grab a big notebook as you’ll want to take a lot of notes. Then, get cozy, click on this link and prepare to be inspired: www.clientattractionlivestream.com

And finally, this is YOUR chance! If you’ve wanted to work with me directly and privately to multiply your business, no matter what level of success you’re currently experiencing (start-ups and multi-6-figures alike), then go here to see what programs I’m currently making available. Time’s running out and we’re almost full since the Mindset Retreat, so I’d act FAST if I were you. Wooohooo! Can’t wait to work with you this year: www.clientattractionwinnersacademy.com

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. It was an amazing 3 days – truly transformational (and those aren’t just words).

    I said it on stage, and I’ll say it again here – – – in 14 years in business and investing in ourselves continually, coaching with Fabienne is the BEST thing we have ever done – for our lives and our business.

    If you have the chance to work with her you should take it.

    Diane Conklin

  2. Thank you Fabienne for a truly amazing three days. It was worth traveling all the way from Rome, Italy. What you cover in three days is phenomenal as is the transformation that takes place! The brownies were amazing. You and your team are amazing!!!

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