One year later… Wow.

“CABS has totally transformed my life.”

This is what Karen shared about her first year in the Growth Track of The Client Attraction Business School.

We are so blessed to have people join us from far and wide, and Karen lives in Spain. Despite the distance, she made the amazing decision to join CABS, as so many others have. (Students come from 26+ countries.)

Why has being with us caused so much transformation? I’ll let you watch the video and feel into how meaningful this commitment has been for her. Her leap of faith speaks for itself, and her words are powerful:

(Karen had some great things to say about what CABS teaches. You can catch it at the 4:19 second mark…)

On another note, Karen had never left Europe before coming to The Mindset Retreat. Never.

Like many of our students, she didn’t have the money “just sitting around” when she joined, but she found the first payment for herself. She had never traveled alone before (it would have been unfathomable to her).

And what did she find because of her commitment?

Joy. Abundance. Love.

She also shared that she achieved more in ONE YEAR than in the 30 years she’d been in business before!

Wow. Just wow.

Karen shares so eloquently what is difficult to put into words…that the energy and positivity that come from the community of entrepreneurs here at The Client Attraction Business School are vital.

A rising tide does lift all boats.

You don’t have to do it alone ever again. (To watch more inspiring stories of transformation, spend some time with our students here.)

I can’t wait to see what YOU accomplish in a year.

Sending love,

p.s. When you’re ready to truly explore if we are right for you, we can help you map out your goals, plan for the next 12 months and see what’s getting in the way. The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of our Strategy Coaches, here.

p.p.s. And if you know you’re ready to join us in The Client Attraction Business School right away, and you don’t want to wait to talk to anyone, enroll today, by going here. Can’t wait!



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