Not every once in a while, EV-ER-Y DAY!

One of the clips that I show every single year at The Mindset Retreat, my three-day event, is a clip of Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic skier.

It’s an Under Armour commercial that really shows her working out every day and really lifting hard and jumping hard and pulling incredibly heavy weights. 

And at the end, she says something like, “I will, I’m committed, I’ll do whatever it takes.” The entire video is really about taking a no excuses approach.

Watch today’s video to hear more about how we take this approach at Boldheart:

I once read a behind-the-scenes article about the making of the commercial. It explained how the Under Armour people asked Lindsey at the end of filming, “How was it? Was it difficult today?” They could see that what she was doing was very hard.

And she looked at them, tilted her head, and said something like, “Are you kidding me? That was just one day for you. This is what I do every day. I wasn’t acting. This is literally my workout every single day.”

My point is…

…success is not something that you do every once in a while. 

Success comes from your daily actions. 

Your daily commitments. 

It’s about the habits that you choose. 

The famous author Stephen King talks about the fact that it’s drudgery. You have to get in that writing seat at your desk every day, even if you don’t feel like writing. You just sit down and you wait for the feeling to come. You wait for the inspiration until it comes, instead of saying, “Oh well, I guess it’s not coming today.

It’s about doing little things every day, rather than one big thing once in a while. 

So I want to say this to you…

…if success isn’t happening fast enough, I want you to examine your daily actions. 

(This applies to any area of your life, okay?)

What are your habits around marketing, commitment, and doing the things that move you towards your goal?

You may be working on lots of little things, like tweaking this and puttering on that, but are you doing things daily to get you to that big goal

That should be your top priority. 

Your money-generating activities, your exponential growth activities, your prolific marketer activities…that’s what you should be doing on a daily basis.

Just like Lindsey Vonn, just like Stephen King, just like a Boldheart, okay? 

That’s my inspiration for you for today. 

Sending you so much love.

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