My New Year’s wish for you (answer the “call”)

Happy (almost) New Year!!! 🙂

There is a secret that all people who experience a high degree of success (financial and otherwise) know.

It’s not rocket science. You may already have heard of it.

But it’s everything. And it’s my New Year’s thing I’d like you to think about before we head into 2016 (this video is only 2 minutes long):

(By the way, this is me speaking in front of close to 7,000 people, one of the biggest highlights of my year. And no, I wasn’t nervous, I was thrilled.)

Basically, if you want to be successful and if you’re committed to living a life of meaning and fulfillment, then you must answer the call

Joseph Campbell, who is known for the Hero’s Journey, has some pretty sobering words about what happens when you don’t…

Watch this week’s short video and reap its most powerful message.

I know that most people (in the Muggle world, at least) want the security that comes from the known. They want certainty and aren’t willing to take big risks. They can’t handle the possibility of failure or defeat.

But that’s not you.

It takes a certain kind of person to pursue the path within.

And you are brave, very brave, because you come from the heart.

After you’ve watched this video, I’d like for you to please answer this question in the comments:

“If there were no limitations or negative consequences, what would you accomplish this coming year, if you could not fail?”

Don’t hold back. Dream big for 2016, and then share it with me here. I can’t wait to read your response and celebrate you…

You can do anything you set your mind to this year.

I’m here for you, with love,

p.s. I don’t know about you, but it is painful to me when people I love and admire are compromising a life of passion and fulfillment for a life of mediocrity and complacency. Do you know someone else who needs to hear this, right now? Would you be willing you share this message with them by sending them this blog? It would mean so much to them.

p.p.s. Happy New Year. Let 2016 be your best year yet! Mwah!


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11 Responses

  1. Great post Fabienne! Watching your clip on answering the “call” was a great way to wake up this morning. It challenged me way down deep to not give up, or let anything get in the way of my calling. Especially, since I have “friends” (even family members) that think my ideas are ridiculous, absurd, or
    even crazy at times. This vlog that you posted this morning coupled with your constant challenge to “play a bigger game” constantly fans a spark in me that has been slowly turning into to a flame called As a father and husband of two rambunctious boys, a college professor, and marriage and family therapist, answering the “call” as you put it, is a constant challenge. Thanks for helping me take daily steps, no matter how small, towards becoming (eventually) the world’s best supplier of evidence-based parenting advice for hip moms of preschoolers that is practical and easy to learn so she can calm the chaos with confidence, raise emotionally intelligent kids without thinking too hard, and nurture a family that gets along well and thrives!

    Although investing my blood, sweat, and tears towards In Touch Parenting will help me live a life of meaning and fulfillment there is yet another “call” that needs to be answered. (Crap, your vlog post is really getting the juices flowing this morning). I want to take a large portion of the proceeds from my first call and eventually start donating money to help young American kids in economically depressed areas go to the college of their dreams (my second call). If Oprah can do it, if Ellen can do it, if other philanthropists can do it… then the only thing stopping me from doing it is me. Since we all need somebody to really believe in us early in our life’s journey, answering the second call means joining forces with those kids when they are young to help them know that they are not alone, that someone is on their team, that all they have to do is… well… pick up the phone and answer the call. Again, thanks for the vlog this morning it helped give me the clarity that I needed as I venture into 2016!

  2. My goal for 2016: donate $50,000.00 to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) & help fund at least one major study on dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease.

  3. Our business, Global Horizons, LLC’s Big Goal is to WUCA’ize 1,000,000 people in 2016 with The Be WUCA! Way, The ART of getting along. Welcome, Understand, Comfort, and Appreciate yourself and others!

  4. Hi Fabienne, first of all, I want to say Thank You for the Xmas Card you sent!! It was on my window sill and had my family was asking who you were?? 🙂 Without limitations, I have many services I offer; I give a hand with humanitarian work, I would travel to learn about the world and different cultures and come back home to teach. I run a household or a camp for teenagers who suffer from anxiety and difficulties dealing with life in 2016. I support Foster kids and help them deal with loss and separation. I offer classes and group discussion online and off. I offer a way for women to find their true meaning through creative arts and design. I support them to run the flower & decorating business. I learn about healthy, clean eating and nutrition. I offer group discussions to be able to show others that there are alternative ways to today’s health issues. Nature is the way! I work with a group of great people who help me make all of this possible. I have people who fund my groups, my camp and I make great money from helping others. Here it is!! I am copy pasting this as my backgroup on my laptop, thank you Fabienne, Happy New Year to you and your Family!!! xo

  5. I have been meditating on this question..and here is the answer! Go to school and become a massage therapist, increase my income and rank in doterra from manager to elite to silver to gold! Diamond by 12/16. To get divorced. Close that chapter. Make enough to support my kids. Share and make a difference in everyones life and move to charlottesville.

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